10 Easy Ways to Unleash Your Kid’s Brain Power [SlideShare]

Unlock Your Child's True Potential

Do you know that a baby is born with all the brain cells he needs when he becomes an adult?


Do you know that a baby creates 700 neural connections every second in the first 1,000 days of his life?

A study conducted by Dr. James Heckman, a Nobel Laureate in Economics, show that early stimulation of brain function during childhood plays a critical role in a child’s social and economic success.

Furthermore, the neural pathways and networks that are forged during the first 1,000 days will have lasting impacts on the person’s social, emotional and mental capabilities — very important factors which dictate the kind of lifestyle, job and social interactions he will have in the future.

Early stimulation of brain function plays a critical role in a child’s social success

For parents who want nothing but the best for their children, Dr. Heckman’s research show that preschool experiences and early interactions with peers and adults provide the highest return in capital investment.

The benefits of which decreases dramatically after school due to aging and several other reasons.

As Frederick Douglass puts it:

“It is easier to build stronger children than to repair broken men.”

From an economic standpoint, these words ring true. Early childhood stimulation of brain function develops fluid abilities such as memory, reasoning, speed of thought and problem solving prowess.

All of which are interrelated and foreshadows high-level brain function which is key to a happy, successful life.

In this “10 Easy Ways to Unleash Your Kid’s Brain Power” SlideShare story deck, CakeHR is proud to present 10 easy, practical ways to develop your kid’s brain power.

Here you will learn about the importance of play, songs and interactive toys in early childhood brain stimulation.

You will also learn that the way your respond to your child’s needs and cries will have a direct effect on the development of his cognitive and emotional abilities.

More than anything else, improving your kid’s brain power is about habits, and habits take time to build.

Aside from the 10 ways suggested in this presentation, what steps are you taking to make sure your little one grows mentally, socially and emotionally healthy?

We love to hear what you think so please don’t hesitate to write them down on the comments below.


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