10 Great American Universities To Get A Degree in Human Resources

While many underestimate the importance of a good education, for human resource executives it is of the utmost importance. Take a look at 10 outstanding universities where you can study human resources and get on the right track towards a great career.

When I look at my own career, I know full well that any success I’ve had started with getting a great education.

Somewhere, deep down, I knew I wanted to be a writer long before I got to college, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the training and wisdom imparted by my professors when I was in college had a huge influence in making me the writer and professional that I am today.

That’s why I know that no matter how gifted or hard working a person is, a person’s talent always needs to be nurtured, and more times than not, the best place to do that is a college or university.

A person’s talent always needs to be nurtured

No matter what field you’re in, it’s important to pursue the best education possible.

I understand why many people think there are certain exceptions to this, but I don’t find that to be true.

For instance, many people have tried to tell me that being a writer is more about talent than education.

However, I know for a fact that so many of the traits that make me an effective writer I picked up in one way or another during my time at university.

To me, this makes the time that I spent pursuing my education invaluable when it comes to career success.

This makes the time that I spent pursuing my education invaluable

Another field where people often make this mistake is human resources.

So many people believe that anyone can work in human resources regardless of their background, and while that may be true to some extent, true HR professionals should have a university education in human resources management.

Even if it’s not a prerequisite for pursuing a career in human resources, a college degree and background in human resources can be invaluable in today’s world, because the role of human resource management is continuing to grow in both scope and importance.

The role of human resource management is continuing to grow in both scope and importance

According to projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the demand for HR managers will grow at a faster than average rate between now and 2024, meaning more and more positions will become available.

The median pay for HR managers in 2015 was over $100,000, making it an increasingly lucrative field.

On top of the pay and the increasing demand for people with a background in HR, jobs in HR are becoming increasingly important to companies.

A recent report from the Economist showed that three-quarters of CEOs believe their company’s head of HR plays a key role in providing feedback, criticism, and advice, making it a position that has a significant impact on the success of the company.

The demand for HR managers will grow at a faster than average rate between now and 2024

Clearly, there is much to be gained from being in the human resources industry right now, and it’s the people who have a university education in human resource management that will rise to the top of the industry.

Those with HR certification, or those who have gained experience through HR internships, are the ones who are going to end up with the best HR positions.

Thus, I have created a list of 10 outstanding universities that offer a top-notch program in human resources and can help you get on the right track towards a successful career in HR.

Arkansas State

human resource universities

If you know you want a career in HR, Arkansas State University is a great place to start.

In addition to the university’s reputation for being the alma mater of so many respected corporate leaders, the school offers a major in Human Resources Management that is designed to prepare any student to lead an HR department.

There are also opportunities for students to gain real-world experience with established businesses, giving them all the preparation they need to find a job in human resources and hit the ground running professionally.

Colorado State

colorado state university human resources

The College of Business at Colorado State University offers undergraduates a chance to major in Business Administration in Management, in addition to earning a Human Resource Management certificate.

Such a degree will open countless doors in the business world, including HR jobs.

On top of that, the school is well known for its use of technology inside state-of-the-art classrooms, creating a top-notch learning experience that is sure to pay off down the line.


depaul university human resources

Located in Chicago, DePaul University’s business school is one of the oldest and most respected in the country.

Students in the BSB Management program can choose a concentration in Human Resources in which they learn about how to adapt to a constantly chaining workforce.

Students in the program also spend their entire junior year learning on the job, giving them real-world experience before they graduate.


iowa university HR

The University of Iowa offers undergrads a Human Resource Management Track as part of its Bachelor of Business Administration program.

This is one of the newest HR programs in the country, which means its modern and up to date on the current state of all things HR related.

There are also opportunities to study abroad and gain hands-on experience in the industry, in addition to the University of Iowa being one of the finest public schools in the Midwest.

Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois hr university

Anyone who knows colleges will tell you that North Illinois University has one of the best business programs in the country.

Management majors may choose to focus on Human Resource Management, setting the stage to become an HR specialist immediately after graduation.

On top of that, the school is so close to Chicago that it opens the door for networking opportunities that can make all the difference when the time comes to look for an entry level job.

Oklahoma State

spears hr university

The Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University includes a focus in Human Resource Management for all Management majors.

The curriculum for this major is based on testing students in real-world scenarios to help prepare them for life in the business world and turn them into the leaders of that world.

The University has its own Human Resource Management Association, and students are encouraged to join to give them networking opportunities that can help set them on their way as soon as they graduate.


Quinnipiac University human resources

Quinnipiac University has a well-respected business school, including a B.S. degree in Management with a Human Resource Management Track.

This program focuses on the relationship between employers and their workforces.

Quinnipiac is one of the nation’s up-and-coming schools, and the internship opportunities available for business students are quite intriguing.


Rowan University

Rowan University is often overlooked nationally, but it only accepts the best of the best and helps turn them into successful business men and women.

The university offers a B.S. in Human Resource Management, whose curriculum is perfectly aligned with the desires of the Society for Human Resource Management, so students are learning exactly what the business world wants them to know.

The program blends together classroom learning with internships and other types of first hand experience to teach them the most effective strategies for running an HR department.

San Diego State

San Diego State hr university

Aside from having great weather year round, San Diego State University allows those in its Business Administration program to specialize in Human Resource Management.

This program gives students a strong foundation for a career in HR, helping students understand the strategies that can help build an organized and efficient HR department.

The university also has a student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, which helps to give students all the tools they need to launch a successful HR career.


The Fox School of Business at Temple University human resources

The Fox School of Business at Temple University is always ranked among the best business schools nationally.

The Fox School includes a Human Resource Management major, with the option of an accelerated three-year program for the eager beavers who want to join the HR workforce as soon as possible.

Temple students in that major are encouraged to seek guidance from the Society for Human Resource Management and similar organizations, as they are taught how to manage a staff of employees, giving them an education that can be translated into nearly any industry.

Best Universities for Human Resources

Obviously, these are not the only universities that offer an education in human resource management, but they are the creme of the crop.

As I mentioned earlier, no matter your field, it’s so important to pursue as much education as possible to put yourself on the right track.

This is increasingly important in the field of human resources, and with the right education, you can find yourself in a career that is both lucrative financially and allows you to have a profound impact on the success of your company.

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