10 Tips on How to Leverage the Full Potential of Generation Z Candidates

Generation Z is much different from anything you know about young job candidates. This is the latest addition to the career world, making it the strongest force we have on the market right now. To use their full potential, you need to learn how their mind works.

You might have learned a lot about millennials in the past decades. We are sorry to disappoint you, but it is time to forget about everything you learned, especially if you want to employ the youngest eligible candidates in today’s workforce. People aged 18 to 22 are defined as Generation Z, which at this point is larger and more diverse than the Millennial generation.

As a recruiter, you probably want to know how to train and hire this fresh talent. The focus is always on the young, which is now the Gen Z-ers and some of the Millennials. And while you might know a lot about Millennials and how to work with them, you probably know very little about the group that came after them.

‘’Using the same approaches and tools to attract and keep Gen Z employees in a company is wrong. If you want to keep them on board, you must go through the entire process you went through when it was Millennial-time.’’ – says Peter Jones, a Term Paper AussieWritings.com member.

10 Ways to Attract and Keep Gen Z Candidate on Board

If you are ready to take on this new challenge and bring something great to your organization, here is how you leverage the full potential of a Gen Z candidate:

1.  Communicate Face-to-Face

When Robert Half performed a workplace research that included the Generation Z, he discovered that 74% employees of this generation prefer face-to-face generation. This generation is also attached to technology, but they don’t really enjoy e-mail and messaging communication as much as Millennials did.

$46,799 is the mean salary expectation for their first job after college

This is an interesting and much more attractive method for the employer. Being able to meet candidates face-to-face instead of through the use of technology means getting back to the old traditional interviewing process. Even though video interviews are much more flexible for both sides, face-to-face communication remains the best choice to detect talent, look at body language and simply communicate things without an extra medium present.

87% of American workers say email is not an effective way to resolve workplace confrontations

It doesn’t even have to be for interviews. In many cases, interviewing candidates that live in multiple locations is easier done with the help of technology, so even a Gen Z-er might prefer this option over the traditional one. But, if you want to maintain a good relationship and communication with a candidate from this generation, you should be prepared to get back to the old ways.

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This means that the focus of your communication will no longer be put on e-mail or tools like Slack. Instead, you need to pursue and promote face-to-face communication and discussion if you want to keep a Gen Z-ers happy.

The reason why the preferences switched at such a rapid pace probably lies in the negative attention millennials received because they were too dependent on technology. They grew with this kind of technology and leveraged it to a point that became somewhat exaggerated, and the new generation seems to understand this perfectly.

Do regular face-to-face meetings with the Gen Z candidates and employees in which you will discuss the projects and help them work on their professional development!

2.  Show That You Care

Not everyone shares this opinion, but young people certainly enjoy to learn. Thinking that they aren’t eager to learn is a common misconception that probably arises from watching them staring at their smartphones half of the time.

But, this does not make Generation Z unmotivated or unwilling to learn. Therefore, a great way to motivate and connect with them is to demonstrate that you care about their personal development and future at the organization.

Build a connection with a Gen Z employee by demonstrating your interest in their development. They will want to work well and boost their skill in the process. Acknowledging this as a trait can go a long way in making an employee happy. 

3.  Seek for Passion

The new generation is passionate. According to Half’s study, employees from this generation would even accept a lower salary or pay cut if they are passionate about the job they are doing. If you find employees that care about the mission of your company, they won’t only strive for personal development – they will stick by you even when no one else is willing to.

Seek passionate Gen Z employees and show them that you value their dedication to the job. Leverage HR software technologies like HR management software CakeHR to aid you in this process. 

4.  Don’t Forget That Gen Z is Also a ‘’Digitalized’’ Generation

Don’t be confused by the differences between Millennials and Gen Z-ers. Even though the latter prefers face-to-face communication, this doesn’t make them less addicted to technology. Gen Z employees are digital natives and will want to use technology for basically everything, so your task is to keep up with it if you want to keep them in your team.

Unlike Millennials who were the starting generation in terms of technology dependence, the Gen Z-ers grew up in a much more developed technology world. This means that you are hiring people who aren’t used to dial-up internet and slow website loading, and will not be confused at all about using the apps.

This is only natural – Gen Z members started their lives in a world where smartphones and fast Wi-Fi already existed and was highly developed, making them used to fast technology changes and developments. Such knowledge certainly brings you plenty of benefits as their employer too, since you can enjoy the work of people who can easily flit between any technology and learn new software fast.

Such a candidate or employee will expect that you provide them with modern technology in the workplace. Otherwise, you will lose them to someone who does.

You are looking at the first generation that has been exposed to technology since their first day in this world. This is the generation that has had their first smartphone when they were only children and used Wi-Fi for almost everything, including education. Knowing this, you must definitely leverage and keep in pace with technology changes to keep them on board. 

 5.  Provide Financial Security

When the Great Recession took place, this generation was very young and witnessed their parents’ financial hardship. Since they’ve seen how a person can take a financial hit and struggle to overcome it, they can be motivated by providing security.

Take in consideration that the employee’s life was probably affected somehow by such struggles and that this generation is highly aware of how important financial security is. Knowing this, your best tool in motivating them to work for your company is by offering financial security.

Provide Gen Z-ers with job security promises and offer raises down the line. They are much more likely to accept a lower paycheck for a job that they are passionate about, and you can be certain that they will work their way up in your company. When they do, make sure to reward them for it. Otherwise, you risk losing them.

This generation is extremely ambitious and will strive to succeed at all costs, but they won’t be productive in your workplace unless they get something in return. Since security is highly important to them, this is the way for you to keep them interested and motivated.

6.  Let Them Compete

Opposed to Millennials who preferred teamwork and collaboration, this generation is very competitive. They will enjoy working in an environment where they can stand out from a crowd. You can still promote teamwork in your workplace, but make sure to give your Gen Z-ers opportunities to rise on their own. It should boost their desire to develop personally and professionally, and make them a much bigger asset to your team.

Understand that the Generation Z is very competitive and promote this in the workplace. If you allow for some competition by offering awards and raises, the employees are much more likely to work harder and remain motivated.

7.  Provide Them with Independence

Since they are competitive by nature, they will want independence. Allow your employees to work on their own and whenever possible, provide them with an individual office space. This is not the generation you place in a collaborative workspace. If you want them to be more productive and motivated, you need to provide them with some independence.

A Gen Z employee won’t enjoy depending on others when it comes to work. More and more of this generation decide to skip higher generation and work straight from high school to avoid debt, which is yet another proof of their independence. Also take this into consideration when employing your staff – don’t disregard a highly motivated and talented employee because he or she preferred independence over debt and dependence.

Avoid making Gen Z employees dependent on others and provide them with the independence they need to show their talent and productivity. They will respect you for it and as a result, be motivated to work harder and aim for personal development.

8.  Give Them Opportunities to Multitask

This generation loves to multitask. Their multitasking is far more present than it was with Millennials. Seeing that they were born and grew up in a technology connected world, they are much more likely to flip between e-mails and text while working or even conversing!

This group of young people is used to multitasking, so use this in your advantage. They are very efficient in switching between different task and dedicating simultaneous attention to more things at once. If you have a task in your company that requires this skill, the Gen Z employees are the best candidates for that job.

This trait is a perfect for a multitasking-oriented workplace. Their skills will come very handy if you need them to focus on several tasks at a time and complete them simultaneously. However, if you notice that they are too distracted and don’t focus on a task that requires their undivided attention, make sure to communicate the issue.

Don’t get into war with the Z Generation about their use of technology. They are so used to it, they are more likely to give up on you than on the updates and notifications they get. If they exaggerate, talk to them about it. Otherwise, you might want to assume that they won’t be distracted for long – the young generation spends seconds checking such updates and notifications and are the best at multitasking.

You should also understand that technology is not necessarily your enemy in this case. You might think that a member of this generation is overusing technology, but if that employee is interested and motivated, they will use it for the good of your company. A Gen Z employee can work on one document at work and open it on their phone on their way to home. If you motivate them and allow some independence, they might even open that document when they get home, as well as before they go to sleep.

Technology with Generation Z is not necessarily a distraction. If you motivate an employee of this generation properly, they can use it in combination with their multitasking skills to make your company more successful.

9.  Offer Feedback

Providing feedback regularly is the only right way to keep the Generation Z satisfied. Your new employees want to be praised for their good work. After all, they are highly competitive and independent, so they will be expecting praise and awards.

This does not mean that you should micromanage them. This generation enjoys face-to-face, open communication. Therefore, make sure to set up regular meetings and assure the employees of their roles. Show them that you care and promote their personal development.

A grand part of nurturing your relationship with a Gen Z employee is feedback. You need to give these employees freedom to learn and work on their personal development, but they won’t strive to do all this unless you motivate and award them in the process. Be involved just enough to keep them on the right track.

10.  Eliminate the Distractions

The multitasking can present an issue for you and your company if you don’t keep an eye on how often your employees use technology while working. Of course, motivating them properly will make it more likely that your employees will work to finish their assignments. However, you must pay special attention to their bond with technology and social media.

Distracting themselves is not something you should applaud, even if they do it for seconds. This generation is great at multitasking, but if they exaggerate, this can easily lead to mistakes in their work.

If you notice that an employee is too often distracted by technology, it means that they aren’t motivated enough. Eliminating the distractions is a smart idea when it comes to the younger generations, but you should also work on your motivation strategies to keep them more focused on the work.


Dealing with Generation Z in the workplace is not hard, but employers and entrepreneurs must adjust to the behaviors and requirements of this new generation of young people. They can bring a lot and help you make your business grow, but only if you know how to leverage their skills and make them feel valued.


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