3 Ways to Improve Your Employees Business Writing Skills

In the world of business, clients, partners, and competitors will judge a company by its writing quality, whether on social media, the company website, or through documents. Focusing on your employees’ writing skills can help save time, coaching efforts, and improve company results in the long run.

Business writing is a critical component of organizational communication that can help build your brand, increase its, visibility, and improve its reputation. If you are a Human Resource manager, you probably spend most of your work days writing letters, emails, reports, and other types of business material.

As a manager, you might have mastered the art of business writing from all the daily writing that you do or a training course that you took. But, when was the last time you paid attention to your employees’ writing skills?

Why you should pay attention to employees’ business writing skills

Unlike in the past, most modern day B2B and B2C communication is conducted through writing, rather than face-to-face.

Taking time to look at employees writing skills helps to identify issues and areas of improvement that can help your business to represent its brand as accurately as possible. Additionally, helping employees improve their writing skills helps them to feel more secure because they know exactly what is needed of them. It also makes your departments more efficient and increases the success of your marketing campaigns.

Lastly, when employees have excellent business writing skills, your workload decreases significantly because you spend less time sifting through resumes of people that you do not need for the job. Are poor employees’ business writing skills undermining the performance of your business? Here are some tips on how you can help them improve today!

How to improve your employees business writing skills

a) Assess current skills

How good are the business writing skills of your employees? Assessing skills and experience helps to identify the employees with weak spots. Also, it helps identify training need, allowing you to decide which areas to focus your training on easily. Accurate assessment of employees business writing skills involves separation of the substance in written documents from the language and syntax.

When analyzing substance in business documents, focus on the content and how the ideas are organized. This will help you distinguish well-written documents from poorly written ones. Documents, social media posts, marketing content, and any other form of well-written material should summarize huge volumes of data and present only relevant information to the targeted readers. All documents with substance should:

  • Be logically organized with headings and sub-headings
  • Resonate with the target audience
  • Be well sequenced with a great flow of ideas and thoughts that transition seamlessly
  • Match the level of audience awareness

Analysing language and syntax involves looking for grammatical errors, sentence structure, tone, and tenses. Every employee, even those with great writing skills, is prone to making syntax errors, which can be fixed through proofreading.

b) Train your employees

After assessing current skills and identifying the areas that employees need training in, mentor them so that they can write better. According to writing expert Josh Bernoff, the annual cost of poor writing for U.S businesses is $396 billion. Training helps your organization to cut on such expenses, reducing annual spending. Businesses writing training can be done effectively via internal training. Training your employees within the organization premises helps to save on transportation costs. Alternatively, you can have your employees take an online business writing course.

Businesses writing training can be done effectively via internal training

Sometimes managers tend to be tempted to have the best writers train fellow employees, an expensive mistake that you should avoid making. While learning from someone you know can prove to be beneficial, the fact that one is a good writer does not mean that they will be a good trainer.

Hiring business experts from reputable writing help websites benefits your employees greatly, as they get to earn from the best. Ensure that you team up with a service that will connect you to best trainers and use the best writers in your organization as mentors after the training.

c) Give your employees the opportunity to practice

According to Inc., 26.2% of college graduates have deficient writing skills and businesses spend roughly $3.1 billion annually on remedial training for these employees. Such training then helps to cut future costs and prevent losses from poorly written content.

Giving your employees the opportunity to perfect the skills that they gain during the training through practice. The more they write, the more they will get better at it. Ensure that they practice different forms of communication that are relevant to their departments.

Report shows more than $3.1 billion is being spent annually on remedial writing training

As the saying goes, a message aimed at everyone appeals to no one. Practicing equips your team with the right skills to target their messages better. It also makes them more confident in themselves and encourages them to do better research before sharing written communication to find out:

  • The type of messages that appeal to the audience
  • If the audience is familiar to the subject
  • The type of messages that the audience is likely to resist

If you have a diverse customer base, say you sell products for different age groups, practicing will prove invaluable to your employees as it helps to single out the elements of a message that drive the desired action within different audience groups.

When improving your employees writing skills, do not be afraid to use tools of improving such as writing courses and services. Why not use the tips discussed above and find out the amazing benefits that better writing can bring in for your business?

Carol Duke is very keen on teaching students new, effective ways of learning. When not blogging on HR-related matters, Carol enjoys traveling, taking immense pleasure from visiting new countries.

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