5 Best Practices in Employee Appreciation [SlideShare]

The Power of Employee Recognition

1. Employee appreciation should be based on specific behaviours and results

The problem with many companies is that they focus recognition on tenure. Would you like to stay for 10 years in a company just to receive a loyalty pin? Absolutely not. Recognition should be focused on specific results and behaviors that uphold the company’s values and goals.

For example, instead of recognizing an employee for being the “employee of the month”, why not give an award for an outstanding customer service when a problem arises? Doing this creates a culture of “doing the right thing” in your company.

2. Focus on peer to peer recognition

Do you know that peer to peer recognition has more impact on most employees than the traditional top-to-down approach? Your peers know how much effort and enthusiasm you are putting in your work every day.

Hence, any recognition from them is genuine. Conversely, many employees view recognition from their bosses as “political”.

3. Spread the word

So someone showed an exemplary performance lately? Tell people about it! Mention his or her story in you company blog or newsletter! “Story telling” is one of the most powerful practices in employee appreciation.

Doing this will create more engagement and learning among your workforce and if the word goes out, will tell the world how awesome your company is!

4. Keep your recognition programs simple yet frequent

There’s no need to complicate things. Make it easy for your employees to recognize and appreciate each other. Frequent recognition puts a “great job” stamp on your employees’ performance, motivating them further to give their best every day.

5. Recognition programs should be aligned with company goals or values

Employee appreciation is more meaningful and effective when it’s given in the larger context of your company’s goals or values.

For instance, when an employee closes a big contract by going the extra mile, he needs to know and feel that you appreciate his efforts in ensuring further business success. Random affirmations are less impactful when not tied with things that really matters most.

So, to fulfill these necessities, we at CAKE HR have compiled the most up-to-date information regarding employee appreciation and productive recognition, and its fallout, for our visitors & patrons.

Thus, CakeHR presents for your perusal: The Power of Employee Appreciation. 5 Best Practices in Employee Recognition.


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