5 Ways to Use HR Videos to Attract Talent

There are many areas that videos can contribute, and help to attract the type of talent that you want in your company.

Top talent is constantly in high demand, and to recruit the best individuals for openings companies need to do far more than passively post on a job board. Instead it falls to HR to take proactive steps to attract the top talent that they require.

That is where videos have an important role to play. If used in the right ways, videos can engage potential employees and entice them into wanting to work for your company.

But if you want to pull that off you need to know how to use HR videos, and where to position them so that they have the desired effect.

1/ Showcase the Brand’s Mission and Vision

Today’s job seekers are looking for more than just a paycheck at the end of the month. Instead they want to work for a company that shares their goals, and has a mission they can get behind.

By creating videos that showcase your brand’s mission and vision, you let potential candidates know what your company stands for – and attract greater numbers of top talent.

Be sure to take advantage of the potential of video, and don’t just state the mission and vision – show people what it is all about. Let potential employees know what your brand has done in the past in line with its mission and vision, what they plan to do in the future, and how employees can play a role in it all.

2/ Put the Company Culture Front and Center

Alongside the mission and vision of your brand, the company culture has an important part to play in enticing talent to come work for you.

A strong company culture makes for happier and more satisfied employees, and is one of the main things that job seekers search for when scoping out a company. By producing videos that place your company culture front and center, you can show them what it will be like working at your brand.

Some of the types of company culture videos that HR can produce include interviews or testimonials from employees, ‘sneak peeks’ of tours of the workplace, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into various roles within the company.

Make sure that the videos are authentic, and reflect what it is really like working at your company.

3/ Explain the Recruitment and Interview Process

The majority of job seekers often want to know exactly what is involved in the recruitment and interview process of the company. That includes not only the steps that they will have to go through, but also how long it will take, when they can expect follow-up calls, and what kind of questions they’ll be asked.

If your HR supplies that information as a video, it will immediately make the company that much more attractive to potential employees. The video can cover specific topics regarding what to expect, and should be sent out to potential employees who are shortlisted before they are called in for interviews.

By mapping out the expectations on your end, you will end up with candidates who are far better prepared and willing to meet them. It will also provide a positive impression to candidates, and make them more excited about the prospect of working at the company.

4/ Highlight Accomplishments – of the Company and Employees

Videos that highlight accomplishments are a great way to let job seekers know what your company has been up to, and what it has achieved recently. More often than not job seekers will research companies and look for that type of information – and a video will be your chance to show them exactly what the company has done.

Try not to limit your videos to the achievements of your company but highlight any achievements on the part of employees as well.

For example you could produce an HR video that tells the story of a long-term employee of the company who has risen through the ranks and achieved extraordinary success. Or you could publish a video that showcases a discovery or creative new way of performing a task pioneered by one of your employees.

That type of HR video will put a human story front and center, and candidates will be able to connect and relate to it more readily.

5/ Gain Exposure on Social Media

One of the main advantages of creating HR videos is that it makes for excellent content for social media – or could be produced for an ad campaign that your company runs there.

The main goal will be to get exposure and put your brand in front of potential job seekers. It doesn’t matter if some may not be actively looking for a job, as you will still be able to leave an indelible imprint on them that they will probably remember in the future.

In some cases you could use HR videos on social media to more directly advertise an open position, and immediately invite interested candidates to apply via a link when the video is done.

The reach that you will be able to obtain by taking advantage of social media videos is far greater than practically any job board – and will help you attract a far greater volume of talent in the long run.

Just remember to tailor each HR video for the social media platform that it will be published on. For example you could use Movavi Video Editor to crop your video by following the steps at https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-crop-video.html if you need it in a different aspect ratio.

Final Words

Now that you have a better understanding of the ways that HR videos can be used to attract talent, you should be able to decide on the type of videos that you want to produce.

Ideally you should try to incorporate videos into your recruitment strategy as a whole, and use it to enhance various steps of the process – as described above. All said and done there are many areas that videos can contribute, and help to attract the type of talent that you want in your company.

Author bio:

Mahendra Bajiya is a blogger and marketer who frequently creates video content to distribute and publish online. He tries to take steps to optimize his videos and ensure their quality is preserved.

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