6 Ways to Help Your Start-Up Businesses Employees Do Their Best

Making sure your new startup company gets started off on a good foot is paramount to a startup’s success. Employees that are as highly productive as possible will help to get your business name remembered and get repeat customers buying, again and again.

Employees are the most important asset that any startup has at its disposal. After starting a business, it is the workforce that enables the business to achieve its goals and deliver quality services to its clients. It is therefore imperative for the management to come up with ways to assist employees to do their best.

Here are six ways a startup can help its employees to do their best.

1# Communicate early, often, and clearly

Most of the time, employees fail to work optimally because they do not understand what is expected of them. The management needs to explain expectations regularly so that every person knows what they are expected to do.

Talent is the real competitive advantage a business has

Besides, it is important that instructions are sent out to employees well in advance and not when they are already in the field. This gives them a chance to understand customer expectations and ask questions where the instructions are not clear. In contrast, giving directions as they work is likely to lead to confusion and poor results.

2# Develop their skills

A startup business should provide opportunities for employees to grow. Management should understand each employee’s capabilities and use them to better the employee as well as the business. Employee development can be done in a number of ways.


When new employees join the company, they should be taken through the workings of the company and what is expected of them. This will help them to start on the right footing.

Coaching and mentorship programs

These programs look at not only the employee performance at the workplace but also their personal development, goals, and ambitions. When an employee connects personal goals with those of the business, it motivates them to put more effort to meet both goals.

Courses and skill workshops

There are several courses that employees can take in their industries. The business should support the employees’ efforts to study by giving incentives and offering more responsibility when more knowledge is gained.

Management training

Management staff should also go through regular training sessions on various areas including leadership, goal setting and industry-specific courses.

3# Recognize good performance

Most companies have their eyes fixed on poor performance. They are quick to reprimand workers who fail to deliver and forget to recognize efforts in the right direction. However, celebrating accomplishments offers a better chance for non-performing employees to pull up their socks.

Acknowledging good work should be done as often as possible when building a startup business. Ideally, employee performance should be evaluated after a week and the overall performance after every six months. These are the best times to celebrate small victories.

An effective performance management strategy does not only advance employee performance, but also brings together the workforce, allows growth of employees, and consistently yields better business results

When celebrating accomplishments, it should not be a time to reprimand other employees for not being at par with the best performers. Instead, the rest of the employees should be encouraged to borrow a leaf and improve their performances.

4# Establish SMART goals

Goals are vital for enhancing performance and ensuring that the startup stays within its objectives. Goals should be set on every project, both for employees and the business. These goals should be SMART. For example, if the business is targeting corporate clients, it could have a goal like ‘To get four corporate clients by the end of June.’

Every successful business has clearly set and articulated goals to attain specific objectives

Before setting goals, the business should audit its capabilities and weaknesses as well as those of individual employees. The results of the audit should inform the company on which goals to set.. Being ambitious is good. However, the startup should not push the employees beyond their capabilities. After every short while, performance should be measured against goals and remedial action taken where performance falls short of expectations.

5# Get feedback from employees

Employees are the face of the company. They meet customers in the field and implement business policies. Therefore, they have a wealth of information on various issues.

One way of giving them a listening ear is involving them in the planning process. They can be part of goal setting and performance reviews.

Furthermore, management should adopt an open door policy. For the policy to work, there should be good rapport between the employees and management. Second, there should not be any victimization on account of information that employees share with their managers. Again, there should be a culture of transparency in making decisions and resolving conflicts.

6# Equip the employees effectively

A poorly equipped workforce is likely to perform poorly. Therefore, the management should equip each employee according to their job requirements.

It is also good to keep up with innovations in your industry to make work easier and to be able to provide excellent services. While the company does not have to buy into every new innovation that hits the market, it should adopt technology that it can afford and that provide value to the company or its customers. Here are some things worth considering.

Sales and marketing process automation

Marketing automation involves a software that automates the repetitive marketing processes such as responding to customer inquiries, sending out quotes and posting on social media. With marketing automation, the business can perform is marketing activities in real time at any time of the day.

Labor support

The market has several devices that can help aid workers. This can be a computer, a pallet jack, an exoskeleton, or even just more people on hand. 

Employees are the lifeline of any startup. Any business that targets fast growth and high sales volumes should look after the welfare of its people and create an environment that enables them to work effectively. Motivated employees are productive and efficient in their work.

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