A New Employee Welcome Kit that’s Out of the Ordinary

Planting the company’s culture as soon as the new employee enters the door

Since last year, Ogilvy Cape Town has been giving out of the ordinary new employee welcome kits.

Honestly, Ogilvy’s welcome kit is the best package I’ve ever seen!

No wonder why it’s shortlisted in One Show’s 2015 design competition.

The creative minds at Ogilvy call their new employee welcome kit the “Induction Box”. It’s made by Redworks (now Hogarth Worldwide), the production arm of the company.

The inspiration for Induction Box come from David Ogilvy’s renowned eight habits of highly creative communities and The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness.

The new employee welcome kit brings to life the underlying principles that hold the company together.

Wondering what’s in the box? Check out the images below!

New Employee Welcome Kit Ogilvy

New Employee Welcome Kit Ogilvy

New Employee Welcome Kit Ogilvy

New Employee Welcome Kit Ogilvy

New Employee Welcome Kit Ogilvy

I spoke to the minds behind the Induction Box. And I learned a lot. Let me share what some excerpts of our interview with you.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Induction Box?

A: The box represents who we are and what our company stands for. We want our new employees to feel that they have a place here. And the new employee kit does a way better job than just saying “Welcome to the agency”.

Q: How did David Ogilvy’s ideas influence the design of the boxes?

We hire candidates using the “Ogilvy Way” which is based on Ogilvy’s 8 Creative Habits (Curiosity, Candor, Courage, Idealism, Playfulness, Free-spiritedness, Persistence and Intuition) and The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness. Being hired by Ogilvy means that there’s something great in you.

Q: How did your new employees respond?

The response we got from our new employees is more than what we expected. The new employee welcome kit solidifies everything —- our cultures, our values and our expectations. On top of all, we love seeing the faces of our new employees light up when they receive them.

New Employee Welcome Kit Ogilvy

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