A-Z HR Professionals of Q3 2019: Latin American Human Resource’s Gurus in the Spotlight

Let’s take a look at the talented HR professionals of Latin America who are working together to give the region a global competitive edge.

Every quarter, we release our A-Z list of HR professionals to bring some of the leaders in the Human Resource industry to the spotlight. Last quarter (Q2:2019), we highlighted HR leaders around the world — some of them working for well-known companies like Uber and Facebook.

It seems clear that, more and more, the strategic adjustments of companies are founded on support from Human Resources

This quarter, we’re zooming in and focusing on a region with rich cultural heritage and talent — Latin America. The region is made up of 26 countries and territories, spanning the entire continent of South America and Central America and the Caribbean.

Latin American Countries (ranked by population)

  1. Brazil
  2. Mexico
  3. Colombia
  4. Argentina
  5. Peru
  6. Venezuela
  7. Chile
  8. Guatemala
  9. Ecuador
  10. Cuba
  11. Bolivia
  12. Haiti
  13. Dominican Republic
  14. Honduras
  15. Paraguay
  16. El Salvador
  17. Nicaragua
  18. Costa Rica
  19. Panama
  20. Puerto Rico
  21. Uruguay
  22. Guadeloupe
  23. Martinique
  24. French Guiana
  25. Saint Martin
  26. Saint Barthélemy

GOintegro, the best employee experience platform in Latin America, released its list of Top 100 Latin American HR Influencers — the first of its kind in the region — last June 19, 2019. The initiative saw over 40,000 participants from at least 7 countries.

“This initiative is of great importance since it identifies and integrates all the Human Resources professionals of the region under a single flag: sharing knowledge to improve the industry and contribute positively to the organization.” – Jose Guerra, Chief Marketing Officer

Most of the HR professionals in this A-Z list comes from the official result of the rankings.

Here they are:

CakeHR's Ultimate AZ Team Q3 2019 HR Gurus of Q3 2019: Latin American HR Professionals in the Spotlight
CakeHR’s Ultimate AZ Team Q3 2019 HR Gurus of Q3 2019: Latin American HR Professionals in the Spotlight

Linkedin logo José Carlos Ascarza, Director, APERHU – Asociación Peruana de Recursos Humanos

Linkedin logo Rafael Bergés, Gerente de Personas / CPO / CHRO

Linkedin logo Soledad Candia Ramírez, Directora Ejecutiva de LideraMujer

Linkedin logo Gabriela Díaz Galleguillos, Consultor Reclutamiento & Selección | Empleabilidad | Outplacement| Head Hunter

Linkedin logo Jose Manuel Echeverri, Vice President Human Resources, PROTECCIÓN S.A.

Linkedin logo Ignacio Fernández Reyes, Speaker y escritor: Liderazgo Efectivo para el Alto Desempeño y Felicidad

Linkedin logo Jose Antonio Gatica, General Manager en SMTM – Show Me The Money

Linkedin logo Cintia Hassan, Manager Argentina & España, CGH Consultora RRHH

Linkedin logo Silvia Infante, HR Lead at Jobandtalent

Linkedin logo Vanesa Jaleh, HR Consultant – Headhunter – IT Recruiter, Sari Consulting

Linkedin logo Bruno Kraide, HR Manager na Danone

Linkedin logo Antonio Linhares, Global Compensation & Performance Manager, Vale

Linkedin logo Alejandro Mascó, Partner at Masco-Renedo Consultores

Linkedin logo Marcelo Nobrega, Director de RH da Arcos Dourados

Linkedin logo Yesid Alexander Olave Cáceres, Executive Leader, Fundación delamujer

Linkedin logo Andressa Paltiano, Human Resources Chief, Experta Corporate

Linkedin logo Mariana Quezada, HR Manager at PepsiCo

Linkedin logo Hermes Ruiz, CEO, OleWow Solutions’ Inventors

Linkedin logo Janet Spröhnle, Directora Ejecutiva and Owner at People & Partners

Linkedin logo Fernando Troilo, HR Consultant and Executive Coach, Professor at Universidad Diego Portales

Linkedin logo Ana Karina Ulloa Marsiccobetre, Directora de Personas en Telefónica Chile

Linkedin logo Patricia Valenzuela Urra, Vicepresidente de Personas y Sostenibilidad en Enaex

Linkedin logo Karla Torres Woods, HR Director at Mondelēz International

Linkedin logo Fernanda Ximenes, HR Manager

Linkedin logo Ana Rodríguez Yáñez, Gerente Soluciones HR en Meta4

Linkedin logo Eva Sánchez Z, Founder and President, Comunidad Networking

Like most third world regions, Latin American companies are facing global competition. In an interview regarding the state of Human Resources in Latin America, professor Marta Elvira, author of Best Human Resource Practices in Latin America, mentioned the following challenges:

  • developing HR policies that properly reflect the economic deregulation of the region;
  • creating alliances with educational and technological institutions for the training of personnel;
  • cooperating with governmental institutions in order to deal with violent and turbulent conditions;
  • increasing corporate investment in HR-related information technology, and
  • developing HR practices that are more appropriate for the size and resources of small and midsize companies.

A Bright Future Lies Ahead for HR Professionals

It’s good news that companies like GOintegro are doing their part in empowering the HR industry in Latin America. We are glad to be able to do our part too. As an HR technology company, we are happy to see that Latin American companies are beginning to see the importance of HR Tech in making them globally competitive.

Digitization of the HR is redefining company-employee relationship. Disrupting innovations like HR cloud computing is forcing companies to change roles, job descriptions, and employee development strategies inside the organization.

“Providing digital tools, techniques and technologies that empower employees to craft high-performance versions of themselves is one of HR Tech’s biggest gifts to today’s organizations. Organizations who are unable to adapt their structure, methods and processes to the technological age may not survive. To help your company move beyond where it currently stands, Digital Transformation is something you simply can’t afford to ignore.” German Dyzenchauz, CEO & Co-founder of GOintegro

We hope you find this quarter’s list of A-Z HR Gurus valuable!

If you know someone who’s worth adding to our Q4 list, let us know!


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