Best Blogs for HRs: These People Write about Industrial Psychology!

If an HR worker tries to keep up with new ideas and tendencies in their field, the company is sure to benefit from it.

It goes without saying that a workplace should operate efficiently to let the company be successful. However, the situation very often looks like that: working places are not friendly to employees, and nobody considers seriously their issues and challenges. The workforce turnover in such companies is rather large, and the business is constantly losing its positions on the market because it has to spend a lot of time, cost and effort for hiring new workers and their lengthy training.

That is why the basic goal for HR experts is to make employees feel happy and secure while at work. So, the organizational structure needs to be developed for meeting employees’ needs, and conflicts should be resolved swiftly and efficiently. That is why HR workers have to follow all the modern trends to manage the possible issues on the base of the principles of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

It is important that HR specialists should know exactly where they can find the necessary and updated information, and which specialized sites, like CakeHR, for example, can help them find the immediate answers to all their questions. For this purpose, this article provides a list of useful links to the best blogs for HRs where the answers to the burning questions of personnel management can be found.

Why Is Industrial Psychology Important for HRs?

Much has been written about the technological development of the last decade. It has brought about dramatic changes in workplaces and working environments of many companies. For instance, the leading HR expert from, a reputable online writing service, Mila McPherson, argues that it is too stressful for employees to follow all the instructions and changing requirements. They are often expected to take up an additional training session or to discuss the application of technological advances with colleagues and management even if they are not IT experts. Ms. McPherson worries that such conditions load additional pressure on workers.

Indeed, employment relationships have changed much, loading employees with the high pace of working processes, the need for permanent personal and professional development, and the importance of working under pressure ability.

The lack of stress resistance leads to professional burning out and quitting the job by many talented and experienced professionals, and this tendency is permanently increasing. Highly qualified and experienced workers prefer working from home on a freelance to constant workplace issues, poor employee management and lack of potential for career growth.

The HR department of any business has to do its best to stop or prevent this process. So, Industrial and Organizational Psychology (often referred to as I/O Psychology) deals with applying the main principle of psychological theories to individuals’ behavior on their working places and organizations’ strategies for performance improvement, as well as to occupational safety development.

All these principles are quite applicable to any business. That is why it is vitally important that HR managers know much about them and follow the modern trends, research outcomes, and study case analysis results to improve their own operation.

Among the main topics of industrial psychology, the outstanding position is occupied by leadership skills improvement. The HR specialists who try to implement the principles of I/O Psychology in their work will have to carry out the following tasks and objectives:

  •  do some psychological research referring to the workplace; 
  •  help the company to hire qualified, more motivated, and talented workers; 
  •  assist in training workforce, identify their training needs; 
  •  participate in the improvement of the company’s organizational structure; 
  •  take steps towards a better quality of life for both employees and employers; 
  •  make business transitions (such as corporate merges, for example) easier; 
  •  help in studying consumers’ behavior and needs; 
  •  work as a psychology and business consultant; 
  •  develop the useful criteria for the evaluation of individuals and organization’s performance; 
  •  take part in development of marketing strategies. 

That is why, as we can see, knowing what I/O Psychology is about is quite essential for HRs and their own professional development. If an HR worker tries to keep up with new ideas and tendencies in their field, the company is sure to benefit from it.

10 Best Blogs for HRs

1️⃣ Cake HR

There are a lot of tips in this blog for HRs struggling to provide the most HR managers for employees by boosting their engagement, talent development, and use of technology for a personal advance at the workplace.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: CakeHR
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: CakeHR

The results and success of any company depend to a great extent on its employees’ job satisfaction and ability to withstand any challenges and hardships. That is why it is very important for an HR specialist to understand what happens to people within an office and how to improve their working environment. HR blog CakeHR provides many interesting and consistent tips for using technology, HR main principles, resolving issues, so it is a powerful helping hand for all the people who work in the human resources sphere.

2️⃣ The Energy Project

The core theme of the blog is about developing the scientifically-based approaches to people’s motivation and energizing at their workplace, considering physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, so that they could perform sustainably. The articles help to develop innovative working strategies and cultures of continuous learning and professional growth. The authors have been working with such famous companies as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Edelman, Microsoft, and many others, so they try to share their ideas and experience in the most friendly and approachable manner.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: The Energy Project
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: The Energy Project

The blog itself was started by Tony Schwartz, a well-known business, marketing, and industrial psychology consultant. Its mission is to help HRs to improve working life, and by that, improve businesses. The categories of leadership, mindfulness, emotional and physical awareness, and many more are presented within the blog. You can find answers to many questions of workforce management here.

3️⃣ Psychology Today

The blog contains updated insights based on scientific studies. It provides great tips on creativity development, engagement and motivation, leadership principles and issues.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: Psychology Today
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: Psychology Today

There is also a very extensive section for behavioral economics, the ideas on how to deal with stress and procrastination, how to develop intelligence, how to improve work relationships, to create a friendly and healthy working environment, and others.

4️⃣ Sparring Mind

The author of this blog, Gregory Ciotti, discusses the main principle of the science of productivity related to creativity development, the urge for changes, and talent development. The blog also deals with practical tips and lessons for applying industrial psychology to workplace improvement and maintaining healthy working environments based on serious scientific research.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: Sparring Mind
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: Sparring Mind

You can also find reviews of the author’s 50 books on social psychology which can become the best guide for HRs who work with employees and their needs in workplaces.

5️⃣ New Workplace

The founder of this blog is the New Workplace Institute, and the articles here are dedicated to employment and work relations. The topics are about psychologically healthy work environments, dignity at work, workplace bullying. HRs specialists can find the answers to many questions on how to resolve workplace conflicts efficiently, how to deal with workers from different cultural and social backgrounds, how to motivate young people for work.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: New Workplace
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: New Workplace

There are also many commentaries and news on recent industrial psychology research and study cases illustrating the most burning communication issues and how to resolve them.

6️⃣ Workplace Psychology

The blog is created by Steve Nouyen, Ph. D.. He is an outstanding organizational consultant. The materials in the blog are always updated in accordance with modern tendencies and new scientific findings and developments in I/O Psychology.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: Workplace Psychology
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: Workplace Psychology

Nouyen’s ideas about leadership development are based on clear organizational understanding and insights grounded on evidence-based practices. The blog is easy to navigate either for business coaching tips or related book reviews. The information here seems essential for anyone working in the HR field.

7️⃣ I/O at Work

All the topics of the blog are based on Industrial and Organizational Psychology. They cover conflict resolution, job performance, decision making, working environment improvement, and many others.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: I/O At Work
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: I/O At Work

With this site, you as an HR worker can always stay informed about the latest and the most relevant research findings.

8️⃣ HR Bartender

This blog is meant by its author, Sharlyn Lauby, as a friendly place where people could discuss and find solutions for their workplace issues.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: HR Bartender
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: HR Bartender

Lauby works as an HR consultant, and she is also the president of ITM Group, Inc. which deals with engaging and retaining workplace talents. The most popular articles are written to provide tips for career development, employee engagement, and leadership management.

9️⃣ Unbridged Talent by Jennifer McClure

Jennifer McClure is an experienced business advisor who puts forward practical strategies for a leader’s impact increase based on the company’s inspiration, personal example, and experience. The best practices related to over 25 years of collaboration with leading senior executives and HRs are collected in this blog.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: Jennifer McClure
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: Jennifer McClure

This ‘Unbridged Talent’ site has entered the Top 10 Business and HR Blogs to read and follow by professionals, and it was recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management, and Monster Research Agency.

🔟 Snack Nation

The blog is meant to help businesses in the improvement of their company culture which, in its turn, can boost employee engagement. There are useful tips for HRs who want to turn their office into a healthy working environment where people feel happy and motivated.

Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: SnackNation Blog
Best Blogs for Human Resource Management: SnackNation Blog

At first sight, it may seem that the blog is about office snacks in their literal meaning only. Though, exactly, it is not like that. It is about workplace relationships based on thorough study case research and the main principles of Industrial Psychology.

Of course, there are many other online sources for HR specialists who want to follow the contemporary trends and updates in their sphere, to make their work more people-friendly and related to the psychological aspects of the healthy working environment and effective cooperation. You can find many more while surfing the Internet. However, if you are interested in I/O Psychology and new methods of its application in your work, follow the mentioned ones.

Industrial Psychology Statistics Referring Workplaces

The importance of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and its methods applied to businesses and organizations for HR purposes is supported by the recent statistics and data analysis. You can learn more about the basic methods of data collection and analysis in the field of Industrial Psychology on reliable online resources and websites dealing with statistics.

The new surveys and practical studies provide a large load of information and figures that speak in favor of I/O Psychological approaches utilized for turning workplaces into friendly and healthy environments for employees’ further career growth and personal development.

The collected data are showing the following results:

  •  About 90 % of job candidates prefer a company that is managed by the principle of transparency. 
  •  Over 87% of Millennial workers consider the opportunities for career growth and professional development to be the most important ones for them in any job. 
  •  50% of applicants normally state that they would never work for a company with a bad reputation related to its staff management, even if their salary doubles. 
  •  About 87% of businesses claim that culture and engagement are their top challenges, and 50% mark this problem as ‘very important’. 
  •  Only 49% of American employees currently find their job as quite satisfactory. 
  •  Over 63% of HR workers argue that talent shortage is their most severe challenge. 

All this statistical data proves that considering the main principles of Industrial and Organizational Psychology focused on individual qualities and needs of a person being hired already play an important part in the company’s advance, and their role will continue to increase.

So, the objective of any HR specialist is to do their best to improve the working environment within their companies and try to make it fully coincide with their employees’ ideas of an ideal job.


Everything said above supports the need for constant learning of the main principles and innovations of HR management. While doing this, HRs will help to create an environment that will do well for HR specialists and their work efficiency, first of all, for their employees, and meeting their expectations, as well as for the benefit of the company as a whole.

Using the basic ideas and approaches developed by Industrial and Organizational Psychology is helpful for HR specialists in finding really talented, enthusiastic, well-educated, and highly professional employees.


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