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Why Choose CakeHR?

Your Favourite HR Solution – Time Attendance & Leave Management System

CakeHR is ranked 4th amongst the top 5 HR solutions on the planet.

So we aren’t going to throw you a sales pitch. We’ve worked far too hard on delivering a world-renowned product to need to employ “hype-man” sales tactics to convince you.

Also, as seasoned entrepreneurs and veteran CEOs of your own small-to-medium-sized businesses, that wouldn’t influence your decision anyway.

For this reason, let’s examine some objective input on why employing CakeHR for your business is the best decision for empowering your employees, whether working remotely or on-site.

And how we bolster your bottom-line by automating your time, attendance & leave management process.

Why Choose CakeHR: What We Could Tell You Instead

No Time Spent on Complicated Onboarding

Instead of a sales pitch, we’re going to let clients tell you why CakeHR is one of the highest ranked Human Resource softwares in the world in terms of ease of use. And these reviews are a matter of public record on GetApp, Capterra, and TrustPilot.

“Literally got setup in a few minutes and our team were submitting their holiday requests in no time…”

Paul Slate, CEO at Fit Gurus

Since CakeHR was the result of our own need to improve in-house workforce management, we poured extensive efforts into creating an interface which was logically simple, yet powerful.

And we can admit unabashedly that we’ve succeeded in this regard better than most.

“I’ve tried multiple SaaS based HR solutions over the years and was delighted to find CakeHR. It’s quick and easy to get setup, it has a great UI and is good value.”

Kriss Bennett, Founder & MD at Createful

CakeHR is now a tool which shuns complicated onboarding, though we fully provide any assistance services required of us as well. Once our software is set-up, the intuitive flow of the interface provides a seamless experience which requires zero explanations for the employers or employees.

“[Y]ou don’t have to go through a tedious and time-consuming training since this tool is very intuitive and you learn very quickly how to use all of its features.”

Waseem AlShikh, CTO at Qordoba

Employee Self-Service & Empowering Remote Working

Since remote workers provide employers with one extra day’s worth of work per week, and quit 50% less, we consider facilitating your employee’s choice to work on-site or remotely – with little to no added burden to them or you – as an unquestionable priority.

As our founder, Kaspars, has mentioned before – CakeHR owed its birth to the fact that the London and Riga offices of our parent company had no cross-integration or centralized human resource management.

Therefore, any solution we would craft would need to not only centrally support teams across the globe, but also provide the same HR infrastructure for individual employees working remotely as existed for the entire hierarchy of on-site workers.

The best way to make that happen was to integrate employee self-service into the very fabric of CakeHR.

“I’m using this app about 3 years. Very nice and easy to use application. Just five clicks to request time off, I think it’s cool.”

Radiks Alijevs, Web Developer at BTG Group

CakeHR strips away all redundant corporate processing and reduces it down to the core of any human resource management interaction.

Employees can check their leave balance at the click of a button, as well as apply for leave from any device and any location.

Similarly, employers can check their workers’ leave balance with ease, and allow time-off with a single click.

In this manner, we’ve reduced the entire HR leave management interaction from a process of 1-3 days to a matter of mere minutes.

It’s a far cry from previous systems where employees needed to waste days just to check with HR whether they could qualify for more leave in the first place.

Gone also are the days when your HR personnel needed to send you excel sheets with the coming months’ leave roster.

Or the previous months’ attendance details. You can now access any individual’s or team’s attendance performance in a second, as well as have upcoming leaves automatically synced with your calendar.

“CakeHR has uncomplicated time-off management for me.”

Milosha Faria, HR Manager at Diet Code

Moreover, your employees would be able to see their team members’ leave schedules as well, thus saving their time and yours by applying in periods when other core members haven’t already taken time off.

This aspect of self-service alone has significantly enhanced employees’ decision making power over their own leaves.

Why should that matter, you ask?

Well, empowering employees with greater control over their working schedules considerably boosts engagement at work.

And as we know, companies with engaged employees perform 202% better than their disengaged competitors.

“CakeHR has made it very easy for employees to request time off. It accrues their days right away so the employee always knows where they stand. Very easy to use for Administrators and makes life better for us!”

Melissa Chura,  Launch Digital Marketing.

By maximizing transparency in a team’s time-off schedules, you allow members to democratize the process and choose dates which would benefit the individual without burdening the group.

And all this without wasting the HR department’s time and resources on applications which they would have had to reject, either because of shortage of leave dates or shortage of employees.

Extensive Integrations [Cross-Device, Google, Slack]

As we mentioned earlier, CakeHR was our firm’s brainchild after requiring such a software solution ourselves, and finding none on the market.

Consequently, we performed extensive user-oriented research to understand the scope of features and functionality needed in our product.

Today, CakeHR provides easy access from all laptops, computers, and tablets, as well as mobile devices – whether Android or iOS.

With our Google Apps integration and Single sign-on functionality, we combine the extensive penetration of Google and the automation of CakeHR to bring you an unmatched Human Resource management experience.

“CakeHR works well on all my Apple devices, including smartphone, as well as seamlessly integrates with Google Apps… My staff loves to schedule their time off on Cake as well.”

Evija Kerija Erta, Founder of Smart Concept Ltd.

Since we integrate with all Google products, CakeHR automatically syncs with Google Calendar as well to ensure that employers and team members have access to all relevant time & attendance information.

Furthermore, our integration with Slack ensures that your team enjoys uninterrupted service from the best real-time communication tool employed by the rising stars of the corporate world.

Not only does this empower smooth and transparent flow of information among members of your teams, it further strengthens the remote working capabilities of your employees.

And as we mentioned in previous articles, remote working is “not a perk or reward”, but “a criterion that people are expressly looking for before they’ll sign on the dotted line.

CakeHR Scales With You

Originally, we must admit, CakeHR was created with small businesses in mind.

After all, there were several large suites available which catered to larger companies, even if the systems were rigid, inefficient, or expensive.

On the other hand, we wanted to create a system for SMEs which delivered great value for money, a customized flexible experience, and performed its function beyond par.

However, with our uncompromising emphasis on uncomplicated experiences through powerful features, in conjunction with the awesomeness of Cloud, CakeHR has now become a software solution which scales with your company – while still delivering the value for money of an SME-oriented tool.

In fact, among our user reviews alone, you’ll find organizations with 100 employees or more comprising at least 25% of our clientele.

Now, with features such as admin hierarchy, and organization charting, CakeHR’s versatility simplifies your time and attendance management as easily with 150 employees as it does with 15 of them.

And since advanced Cloud & ICT solutions such as CakeHR allow companies to grow 750% faster than their competitors, we unwaveringly support your strained HR as you rapidly grow from those 15 to 150 employees in the first place.

“We are now a team of over 95 people… CakeHR is the only online software leave management which is exactly what we expect for our company.”

Rachel Roethlisberger, Assistante Ressources Humaine at senseFly SA.

Consistent Performance On Top Charts

We take immense pride in the fact that we’ve been consistently picked among the best HR solutions on the planet by GetApp Labs, in large part due to peer reviews of our product.

From the 13th position during Q3 2015 to the 4th rank now in 2016, we’ve not only delivered consistent performances but risen steadily to the top as well.

“We implemented this software in 2013 and have a great experience ever since. When there have been small issues they have been dealt with immediately by the CakeHR support team. We have found the product easy to use and fits our needs perfectly.”

Les Center, Systems Administrator at Kitson Group of Companies.

This is not in small part due to our ever present Customer Support, which has been rated as one of the best in business, but also due to the fact that we strive to give our clients the most personalized tool tailored to their needs.

“We are using CakeHR and all our team is surpised to see how amazing and adapted to our need it is!”

Cécile L, HR Manager at senseFly.

In Closing: Why Choose CakeHR?

Because if we were a race horse, you’d be wagering your Christmas bonus on us at the tracks by this point. But we still have more features up our sleeves to sweeten the deal.

“What I really love… Can add additional Time-Off Policies other than Holiday & Sickday… Black Out days where no one can book holidays… Lots of reporting! Bradford Factor & Employee Growth is a nice touch.”

Rachel Ann, Team Lead at VSware.

Aside from our dizzyingly versatile functionality explored above, we ensure that the latest information regarding an employee’s time and attendance are on your fingertips, thanks to the Cloud.

We even allow you to create, develop, and support employee teams from scratch.

But instead of rattling off a list of features, why don’t we just let our clients deliver the closing arguments on this article?

“CakeHR is constantly taking in customer feedback and releases new updates and functionality every Thursday  and Friday. A wonderful product, thank you!”

Mindy Hiteshue, Business Manager at NC Conservation Network.

“I think the whole package deserves credit. It just works, and works well.”

Paul Slate, CEO at Fit Gurus.

And we do it in style, instead of looking like a digitized excel sheet like typical HR time & attendance systems.

“This is a clean app with a nice visual overview.”

L Brock,  Ops & Finance Director at Real Life on the Palouse.

But, if you’re still on the fence, come experience our awesome product during a 14-day free trial here. No Credit card required.

In the meanwhile, let us know in the comments section – What functionality do you expect from your time & attendance management HR solution which you’ve yet to find in a software on the market?


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