CakeHR on Top of the “World”: Placed 8th Amid Stalwarts in the Software World Top HR Software 2019 List

Barely a month into 2019 and we’re already overjoyed at the Software World mention.

There are more than 500 recognized Human Resource software solutions in the market today.

And even more are in the works as we speak.

HR, the once dreary discipline is now hot on trend and technology reports because of its ability to get the best out of the one asset that costs a business the most – the human talent.

Let’s face it – Human Resource management is often complex, always unpredictable and needs rigour to turn advice into actual practice that brings positive changes in the workforce.

HR software solutions step in at this juncture to make things simpler.

They are favoured because of their ability to:

  • Automate repetitive, error prone tasks
  • Offer employees the freedom to avail of self-service in key areas like leave scheduling and management
  • Streamline cumbersome processes like time tracking and feedback collection where inputs on the go have become a necessity for any progressive company
  • Crunch numbers like performance review results, organize them in easy to view and decode charts and give managers the advantage of custom follow-ups to improve employee performance

But not all Human Resource software solutions can drive engagement and encourage the workforce to actually use the tool.

That is where credible voices of discernment like Software World and their round-ups of the most useful and user-friendly options on the market prove to be invaluable.

Experts Recognize CakeHR as the “Best” 

2019 is off to an upbeat start for your favourite Human Resource software solution.

Yes, CakeHR is placed 8th on the list of “Top 10+ Best Human Resource Software in 2019”!

You can reference the whole compilation here.

Over the next several months, you’ll see us proudly display the Software World badge of distinction on all our pages.

CakeHR 8th Best Human Resource Software In 2019!
CakeHR 8th Best Human Resource Software In 2019!

We’re ecstatic not only because social proof of this calibre is rare and wins trust from the get-go, but also because a mention by Software World stands testament to holistic success.

Every software candidate is evaluated for several stringent criteria:

1️⃣ Authentic user reviews from multiple sites

Validated reviews are collected from platforms like G2 Crowd and Capterra to ensure that the widest possible pool of opinion is tapped. The volume of reviews also plays a part since the more the number of testimonials, the more users are likely to evangelize about the product thanks to satisfactory experiences. If you run a business, you know how difficult B2B reviews collection can be. This particular requirement carries a lot of weight.

2️⃣ Features list

The round-up leverages actual features of the candidate products. What a tool is capable of given the industry it serves and its subscription price plays a vital role in the final selection. With this approach Software World displays a clear preference for ROI realized by users.

3️⃣ Free Trial and Pricing

We’ve already covered pricing. The presence of a free trial that is a true reflection of the features and level of service customers can access post the purchase is the final consideration. “What You See is What You Get” is something most software solutions struggle with. Thus, transparency is important to Software World.

This is what Arvind UpadhyayDigital Marketing Manager at Software World had to say about why CakeHR was chosen and their ultimate aim behind creating these “best of” compilations:

We are pleased to announce CakeHR as a Top Human Resource Software in 2019. We recommend CakeHR as the best overall HR software for small business due to price and features. Get all the top human resource management features like applicant tracking, benefits management, compensation management, performance management, recruiting management, time off management and much more with CakeHR. Many congratulations to the team.

At SoftwareWorld, we always recommend best software to tech audience. We consider software’s online presence, client testimonial, social media, leading online software review platform, exclusive features, price and many more things during listing.

Why we choose CakeHR as a best human resource software in 2019?

* It’s affordable for small and mid-sized business owners.

* It offers all the main features of human resource management like 360 Degree Feedback Applicant Tracking, Benefits Management, Compensation Management, Employee Database, Employee Lifecycle Management, Onboarding, Performance Management, Recruiting Management, Self Service Portal, Time & Attendance Management, Time Off Management.

* The online presence of CakeHR is really exceptional.

* We find lots of positive client reviews during research.

* It offers mobile iOS and Android applications.”

Various leading website such as GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd have reviewed the 10+ best human resource management softwares that can be downloaded by enterprises. Human Resource Information Systems provide a means of acquiring, storing, analyzing and distributing information to various stakeholders.

The Dream Run Continues 🙂

The market and our users have been kind to us.

Last year alone we graced the 6th spot on GetApp’s HR category leaders round-up, flew high as a 2019 Front Runner for Software Advice, clinched the Silver medal in the competitive Blog Awards Ireland and published our way to Feedspot’s Top 10 UK HR Blogs & Websites.

This year we have opened our tally of recognition with Software World’s nod.

Through the post we are not only announcing the auspicious news, we are also renewing our pledge to bring the best insights, the most useful features and the greatest value for money to our readers and users.


* * *

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HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
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HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources

There is a subtle difference between a good and a great HR management software. Know how we deliver nothing but “Great” by starting your 14-day free trial at CakeHR!

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Trina Moitra

Trina is a part of the CakeHR content team. She is a marketing funnel creator who has worked with 5 reputed HR SaaS startups and established ventures over the past several years. She has experience understanding how HR software should be sold and uses persuasion based strategies to generate results.