Blog Awards Ireland 2018: CakeHR Takes Home Silver Award in Best B2B Blog

With over 2000 blog nominations, 4 rounds of extensive judging and 1200 of those making it through to the long list, it was one of the biggest years yet for the Award.

2018 has been another exciting year for us here at CakeHR, with blogging accolades already received from Feedspot and Fit Small Business alongside climbing the ranks as a GetApp HR Category Leader and awarded FrontRunner recognition as a top HRIS management vendor by Software Advice.

We are extremely proud of how far we have come and our achievements in both the top HR software vendor and blogging categories, and now we get to rejoice taking home a silver award from the Blog Awards Ireland 2018 for our blogging efforts in the B2B sector!

CakeHR Blog - Best B2B Blog!
Blog CakeHR – Best B2B Blog!

Now in its 7th year, The Blog Awards Ireland have become a must attend event. The awards reveal the best of dedicated Irish bloggers across the country. CakeHR is a phenomenal blog with extensive useful information suitable for a wide audience. For bloggers who hope to make the finalist next year, The Blog Awards are looking for easy to read content with a high level of knowledge of their chosen topic.

– Rebecca Finnerty, Blog Awards Ireland 2018

We couldn’t be prouder to see our company continue to go from strength to strength and have all of our hard work and dedication to our customers experience be acknowledged on global platforms… so thank you to all that have supported our journey this far!

Blog Awards Ireland 2018

These awards are not handed out to just anyone and have become an annual highlight for the blogging community over the last 7 years.

This year saw 2000 nominations entered, which were carefully sifted through 4 rounds of extensive judging.  Each blog was reviewed by at least 3 judges who made considerations for numerous factors such as the quality of content, readability, knowledge of the subject matter, navigation and design choices.

The finalist round was judged on writing skills, quality of content, interactions with the public and overall feeling the judges got after reading the blogs.  Were they enjoyable?  Were they inspiring?  Did they use their voice intelligently?

– Blog Awards Ireland, 2018

Hence why taking home a silver award in the B2B business category is an achievement we want to shout about!

CakeHR Blog

Our Blog’s mission is to give back to the HR industry, so we will always strive to improve our content and aim to deliver relevant, interesting insights into the world of HR, software and business.  We also use our platform to recognise other great talent and experts in the global HR community.

Yes, we are an award winning HR software vendor, but our blog is much more than a sales marketing pitch or SEO booster.  We like to create original content on topics that are genuinely of interest to our audience and try to advise and inspire others to implement beneficial changes within their own businesses, with a big serving of infographics and light-hearted humour to keep topics enjoyable to read.

Everyone writing and contributing to our blog understands the importance of HR in business and we like to support the industry by promoting the implementation of good policies, HR technology, and best practices to help leaders boost employee engagement and productivity.

We welcome any feedback from our readers and are quick to address important issues that are highlighted to us.

Going forward

We shall continue to upload content on a weekly basis, covering topics that are trending or that we can foresee will be a consideration point in the future.

So from the bottom of our CakeHR tin, we are grateful for all of the support from our customers, contributors and loyal readership following and hope to see more people enjoying our articles going forward.

If you have any recommendations for topics you want to read more of, please get in touch.

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Robyn South

Robyn is a HR professional with over 7 years experience in generalist and complex employee relations matters. A newly established Virtual HR Assistant offering a range of HR services online, who loves to travel and part of the content management team at CakeHR.