Newsweek names CakeHR to 2019 list of Best Business Tools: America Loves Us!

CakeHR has been named by Newsweek as one of the BEST BUSINESS TOOLS in 2019 - further proof of our commitment to be the leading HR software for companies all around the world!

Last June 7, 2019, Newsweek released its list of Best Business Tools 2019 and we are happy to announce that HR management software CakeHR is part of it.

The Best Business Tools 2019 honors the best providers of business software and software services in 54 distinct categories (i.e. Applicant Tracking Software, E-Learning Software, Expense Software, Payroll Software, HR Software, etc.) based on consumer opinion.

See the full list here.

The Methodology

The Best Business Tools 2019 is compiled by Newsweek and Statista using the methodology below:

  • The Best Business Tools were chosen based on a nationwide survey of more than 10,000 professional users of software and software service providers. There has been an additional evaluation of Gen Z users (users born 1995 and later) – more than 1,500 Gen Z customers completed the survey.
  • The survey was administered using an online access panel. In addition, young entrepreneurs from US business schools have been invited to take the survey by Newsweek. The survey took an average of 10 minutes to complete and the field period ran in March 2019.
  • Participants were asked to identify all providers of business software and software services they know and have used before. Within each category, the participants could choose from an autofill list of providers of software and software services. The autofill list was compiled through research in relevant online registers (e.g. Capterra, GoodFirms, FinancesOnline). In addition, any other additional provider of software and software services could be named by the participants. In case a participant named a software or software service and not the provider itself the nomination was assigned to the provider. The survey then examined the participant’s willingness to recommend the provider and asked them to rate the provider in the following criteria:

–  Trust

– Service promise – Reliability

– Security

– Improvement

– Satisfaction

  • Each participant evaluated several providers of business software and software services: more than 71,000 evaluations have been collected. For every provider, a weighted score from 0 to 100 was calculated using the criteria above.
  • In each category, the providers with a score of 75 and higher have been awarded. Therefore, the number of recognized providers for each category varies. In total, 416 business software and services were awarded in the 54 categories. The provider with the highest score among Gen Z users has been marked as “Gen Z Favorite”.

Why Businesses Love CakeHR

CakeHR is a cloud-based HR software serving customers in more than 1200 cities around the globe. User-friendly and mobile-ready, CakeHR is designed to replace the slow and complex platforms of the past so managers and employers can focus on growing their business.

➡️ Leave & Absence Management

Say goodbye to paper forms and spreadsheets! With CakeHR’s Leave Management feature, employees can now request time-offs digitally. Managers can approve these requests in real-time and can even track them in shared reports and calendars.

➡️ Performance Management

Your people are your biggest asset. With CakeHR’s Performance module, you can set goals/OKRs, schedule 1-to-1 meetings, and use 360 feedback to get the most out of your talent, celebrate employee contribution, and foster more loyalty in your workplace.

➡️ Shift Scheduling

No more scheduling charts posted on bulletin boards! With CakeHR’s Shift Scheduling module, managers can create and edit shifts with a click of a button. And everybody can access their schedules in real time, in any platform.

➡️ Employee Timesheet

Do you want to know how much time your employee has spent on a job over a specific time period? CakeHR’s Timesheets replaces clunky punch cards and time clocks with an easy to use interface that employees and managers can use to manage time spent on projects anytime — even while on the go.

➡️ Expense Management

CakeHR’s Expenses module covers everything from business purchases to mileage against business travel so you can stay on top of your company’s finances.

➡️ Recruitment Management

Our end-to-end Recruitment module accelerates the recruitment process with automated tracking, on-demand applicant screening, easily accessible data with mobile optimisation, advanced analytics and seamless integration with other CakeHR modules.

“We used CakeHR at the beginning of our company. It was an amazing experience and fulfil our expectations and needs for the time being. You could have your employee’s main information in one single place and keep track of their absences and vacations. It allows you to manage your employees time off, absences and vacations, to create timesheets and other HR paperwork, it allows you to even sync with your calendar which is great since you don’t need to login in the tool to see where your employees are.” – Rhaica S., HR Manager

“Working with CakeHR has been a dream! There interface is incredibly user-friendly and makes managing our PTO policies a breeze. Managers love being able to accept/deny requests directly via the email notifications, and our employees love having quick access to submit time on the mobile app. CakeHR is well thought out and designed, but our company has a few needs that CAKE does not directly meet. However, their support team is absolutely tremendous! They respond very quickly despite the time zone difference, they are always asking and open to our requests for features, and they immediately jump on any issues we encounter and resolve them with flying colours! Finally, we love the integrations with other apps and our IT guys love being able to use their API to sync employee data to our internal company pages, simplifying PTO for our employees even more.” – Amanda L., Operations Coordinator

We Won’t Be Here Without You!

We owe everything to our dear users. Thank you, everyone, for your unwavering support all these years.

Moving forward, we renew our commitment to bring you the best value product and the most useful features so you can continue growing your business and impacting lives.

About Newsweek

For 80 years, Newsweek has been bringing high-quality journalism to its readers worldwide. This news magazine and website provides the latest buzz, ideas, and in-depth analysis of business, culture, politics, technology, and international issues.  You can learn more about Newsweek here.

About Statista

Statista is one of the world’s leading publisher of industry rankings and company listings. A top data and business intelligence portal, Statista brings to the masses business relevant data, statistics, consumer surveys, and market studies. Learn more about them here.


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HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources

CakeHR is a one stop shop for your HR management needs. With attention to user experience & making the software easy to use yet packed with loads of features we strive to make your HR management as easy as a piece of cake!

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Kaspars Upmanis

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