Buying an HR Software? Look for These 7 Key Features [SlideShare]

The best HR Software is built FOR your employees

Making the transition from paper-based HR systems to cloud-based HR software is one of the biggest leaps that businesses must take this 21st century.

While it’s true that most small businesses, particularly those that have 10 or less workers, can get away with this dilemma using the conventional Excel spreadsheet, time will come that they will face the inevitable.

What if that small business will grow into a nationally-renowned company?

What if the number of your employees suddenly jumps from 10 to over 50 in a few months’ time?

Good businesses, no matter how small, are bound to grow. And with that growth comes a host of HR challenges that every well-established medium to large businesses know so well.

Should you stick to Excel? NO! Every seasoned CEO will tell you to switch to cloud-based HR and take advantage of its efficiency, mobility, adaptability and scalability.

But there’s a problem.

Googling “HR software” returns over 43 million results! Let’s say only 10%  deals with our actual search query — that’s still a lot! And that’s the problem.

There are a lot of HR software in the market today and each of these systems offer their own “features” which you may or may not need at all. Some big software companies even sell enterprise suites that are packed with features — more bound to suck your pocket dry than grow your business.

Paying for features that you don’t need is a waste. And like you, we at CakeHR, don’t want that. In this story deck, we are proud to introduce 7 key features that you should look for when buying a new HR system. For starters, these features are not luxuries. They are necessities — carefully considered to help your business succeed and take on the challenges of the 21st century.

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