CakeHR Among The Best HR Management Softwares

GetRank Q3 Research for Human Resources (HR)

In early October, GetApp released its GetRank report for Top HR solutions in Q3 of 2015.

And CakeHR is extremely excited to be listed as the 13th best HR management software in the cloud on the planet.

Let’s be honest here for a moment; cloud software is as yet considered a revolutionary tool in the world, despite its meteoric rise in popularity.

As such, the best globally available apps in the cloud are usually produced by long-standing software giants with the resources to attract the best talent in the world.

So, for a software startup as yet in its nascent stage to be rubbing shoulders at the top of the industry ranking with the likes of Oracle and other such established firms is a gratifying experience.

It tells us that we’re on the right track, and you – our loyal visitors & patrons – appreciate the path we’ve chosen in order to provide you with the best in HR management systems.

Criteria For Ranking Best HR Management Software

Given GetApp’s high credibility in the world of business softwares, it is unsurprising that it considers all aspects of a business cycle when evaluating the ranks of various IT tools and solutions.

As such, the GetRank report picks the top 25 softwares out of the hundreds of available options in each realm of business tools, and evaluates them based on unique criteria which best represent the important benchmarks that define the needs of users in that category.

Their diligence in this regard goes a long way in providing end-users with comprehensive overviews, which would guide their decisions during implementation of business softwares for their commercial endeavors.

As stated in their report:

“The five data points used to rank each app are:

  • User Reviews – based on the number and quality of reviews on GetApp;
  • Integrations – based on the number of integrations with other apps listed on GetApp;
  • Mobile Platforms – based on the availability of an Android and iOS app and its rating in Google Play and the App Store, respectively;
  • Media Presence – based on the number of followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook, respectively; and
  • Security – based on a security survey developed by GetApp in collaboration with Microsoft, modeled on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form.

Unique to GetApp, each app’s GetRank score is completely independent of commercial interests and existing relationships that GetApp may have with app vendors, maintaining a focus on giving businesses a reflective and comparative picture of leading apps in popular product categories.

Each app earmarked for the ranking is a known industry-leader with some degree of market presence.”

CakeHR’s Performance Against Global HRMS In The Cloud

As judged by GetApp in the GetRank Q3 report of 2015, CAKE HR has been ranked at #13 among the top 25 best global HRMS in the Cloud.

Best HR Management Softwares

Not just that, but among all the softwares ranked by GetRank, CakeHR is the #1 UK-based HRMS firm in the list.

Furthermore, among the softwares ranked under the overall HR category, CakeHR was ranked at #5 in security and encryption at the international level.

Lastly, on the GetApp store, CakeHR also achieved the ranking of the third-best Absence and Leave Management Software available on the global market.

The Pillars of CAKE HR’s Success

Aside from our extremely hard-working team, which continually pushes its limits to deliver the cutting-edge in HR team and employee management software suites to our clients, in more than 90 countries and across 600 cities, one significant contributor to our success was the support shown to us by you – our faithful patrons & visitors.

“I’ve used CakeHR in a former company and it was our first choice for Fit Gurus. Literally got setup in a few minutes and our team were submitting their holiday requests in no time. Super simple stuff and gives us exactly what we need to stay organised.” – Paul Slater, Co-founder & CEO at Fit Gurus

In fact, an indispensable metric which allowed us to perform well in this ranking was the fact that – among the top 25 HRMS in the Cloud – CakeHR was the third most highly and favorably reviewed technological HR solution by our users and the general market at large.

“Starting as a team of 3 in 2009, we are now a team of over 95 people, so an Excel sheet for managing leaves was no longer a solution. CakeHR is the only online software leave management which is exactly what we expect for our company. We are really satisfied with client support, they are kind, helpful and respond amazingly fast. They listen to your needs and wishes. CakeHR is user friendly and a real asset for employees, managers and HR!” – Rachel Roethlisberger, Assistante Ressources Humaines chez senseFly SA

In wrapping up this article, we would like to thank GetApp for the honor and recognition which their GetRank report has bestowed on us.

We assure you that, in the coming years, you shall find us steadily climbing up to the top of your cloud-based HRMS category.

“We were looking for a absence management software that could be integrated with our mobile solution “coresuite” and SAP Business One. We found in CakeHR a good compromise in term of easyness to use, quick setup and API” – Paolo Manfrin, Head of OnPremise Development at coresystems

Finally, we would also like to take a moment here to thank you – our visitors & patrons – for the unshakable faith and support you’ve shown us, and would hope that you continue this journey alongside us as we travel to the zenith of the world of HR software together.

“Amazing client service, near immediate response time and very professional management system! CakeHR will definitely help with my whole teams organization and planning, Thank You!” – Jennifer Snowball, Office Manager / HR Administrator

If you’re a new user or a prospective patron attracted to our website through the GetRank report, we welcome you to the CakeHR community, and invite you to join the roughly 8,000 businesses which support us on Facebook.

If you believe our software may be the answer for your technological needs, please sign up here for the one month free-trial of CakeHR – no credit card required. It’s on us.


Written By

Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr