HR management software CakeHR Ranks 2nd in Cloudswave Awards for Q2 2016: Best Workforce Management Software

and the best is yet to come…

HR management software CakeHR, a leave management software that helps employees get a clear idea of their time off history, ranks 2nd in the recently released Cloudswave Awards for the second quarter of 2016 (Best Workforce Management Software).

Cloudswave Awards Q2 2016 : Best Workforce Management Software cakehr
Cloudswave Awards Q2 2016 : Best Workforce Management Software

Cloudswave Awards is a seasonal ranking of Top 10 applications in education, collaboration, finance, human resources and other categories.

According to the Cloudswave website, the Cloudswave Awards is designed

“to provide a rich directory for business software, webware and apps for entrepreneurs, professionals, small to medium business or startup owners — anyone who is looking to integrate a business software solution into their projects (professional or personal).”

It’s also worth mentioning that CakeHR secured the 10th spot in Cloudswave Awards Q2 2016 for the Employee Management Category.

Cloudswave Awards Q2 2016 : Best Employee Management Software cakehr
Cloudswave Awards Q2 2016 : Best Employee Management Software

How the Cloudswave Awards Ranking Works

The Cloudswave Awards ranking is based on the proprietary Cloudswave Score which is designed “to deliver an unbiased weighted average rating that takes into account the degree of importance of each software review source.”

Below are some points detailing how this weighted moving average score works (the following information are taken from the Cloudswave website):

  • The sources are carefully selected based on their seriousness, credibility, degree of independence, their user verification processes, and their focus on business software
  • We do not take into account the reviews written on
  • Sources are weighted according to a logarithmic domain authority score provided by Moz
  • We crawl all the selected sources on a daily basis to gather the latest reviews and update the Cloudswave score of all the listed software
  • Sources that provide numerical ratings of their reviews weigh more than “non-numerical rating” sources
  • Reviews and ratings are considered as is. We do not intervene to filter out unpleasant reviews
  • The cloudscore is a moving weighted average: Older reviews have less impact than fresh reviews.

If you want to learn more about the Cloudswave Score and how it is interpreted, click here.

Breaking Industry Standards: 8 Big Reasons Why CakeHR is Better than Your Excel

1. Faster and More Convenient Employee Scheduling

Reviewing time sheets, consolidating Excel files and dealing with errors can be tedious — not to mention expensive. With CakeHR, you don’t have to go through all these nightmares. This cloud-based HR software makes staffing easier by providing you with real-time data on the availability of your employees, their open hours and the number of hours you can schedule while staying on budget.

2. Automated Time Off Request

Nothing serves you better than a fully automated time off request feature. This feature of CakeHR allows employees to book time off online. These requests are automatically sent to their managers who will then approve or decline it without leaving his or her mailbox

3. Cloud Storage – Access Your Files Anywhere, Anytime

With CakeHR’s revolutionary document storage feature, users manage, share and encrypt their digital properties — making it ideal for storing contracts, plans and other sensitive files. Rest assured, CakeHR stores all these data in a single and secure place that you can tap into any time, any place, any device.

4. Seamless Google Apps Integration

CakeHR understands how in demand these applications are — Drive, Calendar, Mail, Maps and Contacts. That’s why we make Google Apps integration as seamless as possible. With just a single sign-on, you can log into your CakeHR with a single click on your Google Apps dashboard.

5. Employee Self-Service and Detailed Employee Profiles

With CakeHR’s employee self-service feature, your HR team can focus all their time and energy on driving your business forward. This feature allows employees to update and manage their own profiles as well as access their holiday balances, make time off requests and view a full history of their past requests and accruals.

6. Powerful and Advance Reporting Tools

Generate graphical reports with just a click of a button and gather key insights about your company’s HR stats. With it’s advance and powerful reporting tools, CakeHR will help your HR managers make informed decisions and develop strategic initiatives that drive results.

7. Create Virtual Teams

With remote working best practices and CakeHR, your team can do wonders despite the difference in culture and time zones. Within CakeHR, you can split your employees into teams based on your company’s internal structure. You can also assign team managers and even time zones so you can manage your workforce efficiently wherever they are in the world.

8. Simple Design

CakeHR isn’t just about productivity and efficiency, it’s about the looks too. With its simple and seamless design, CakeHR is ahead of its competitors in terms of aesthetics and feel

What People are Saying About HR Management Software CakeHR

I’ve used CakeHR in a former company and it was our first choice for Fit Gurus. Literally got setup in a few minutes and our team were submitting their holiday requests in no time. Super simple stuff and gives us exactly what we need to stay organized. – Paul Slater, CEO – Fit Gurus

Starting as a team of 3 in 2009, we are now a team of over 95 people, so an Excel sheet for managing leaves was no longer a solution. CakeHR is the only online software leave management which is exactly what we expect for our company. We are really satisfied with client support, they are kind, helpful and respond amazingly fast. They listen to your needs and wishes. CakeHR is user friendly and a real asset for employees, managers and HR! – Rachel Roethlisberger

With an eye-pleasing design and a simple, easy-to-use interface, CakeHR makes it easy for businesses to manage employee leave in the cloud. – Stephanie Faris

“Businesses which are facing challenges with scheduling and employee time off should give this application a try.” – Carmen Rane Hudson

The Best is Yet to Come…

Our patrons, visitors and users — we can’t thank you enough. We will never reach the Top 2 spot of Cloudswave Awards without your support and appreciation.

We assure you that we at CAKE HR will continue to dedicate our time and effort in improving our products and services to give you all the best that the world of HR Software has to offer.

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New to CakeHR? Give us a try and see the difference. Sign-up here for a free 30-day unlimited trial, no strings attached.


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