[NEW FEATURES!] Turnover reports, Employee Assets, Heatmaps and more!

Crazy new insights into your company metrics in a feature-heavy June

Summertime at CakeHR HQ – you’d think we’d stop but, like solar panels, we soak up the and we just keep going!

June has been super productive and we want to bring you right up to take with what has been released and make sure you’re not missing out all these new features.

A word of warning – we have gone crazy!

Fresh recipes

> Track the killer cost in your company

Because this is a real killer cost in your company! We’re introducing: Turnover Reports!

This is our first iteration for you to pull real-time reports showing monthly turnover.

Turnover Reports! This is our first iteration for you to pull real-time reports showing monthly turnover
Turnover report

> Why did you leave?

You can narrow down key metrics in your turnover through voluntary or involuntary termination reason. Select this when you’re terminating an employee.

> You’re here how long?

We’ve added a new company report so you can see the breakdown of employees based on their length of service in the company.

> Whose responsibility is it?

Your employees can now add in their “replacement” colleague that will be displayed on the calendar for others to see who is responsible for the workload of the absentee. Enable this per policy under the settings.

> Centralise authentication with SAML SSO

SAML Single Sign-On is one many will be familiar with. It allows you to centralise your authentications to multiple applications with one set of credentials. Head to the knowledge base to know how to integrate in your company.

Fresh ingredients

> Growing somewhere?

Your Employee Growth reports now illustrate growth per employee status type (full-time, part-time, etc etc).

Employee growth
Employee growth

> A heated debate in HR

Things heat up when it comes to sickness so we thought we’d reflect that in the Bradford Factor reports. Heat – fire, get it?

Bradford factor
Bradford factor

> Track who has what and when

Admittedly, the Assets feature was lacking behind so we innovated so that you can now add and loan items out from the company Asset inventory whilst having a full change history for the items. This way, you can track who has what and when in the company! Perfect for tracking company valuables!

> Time Off Approvers

You can now have full control over who receive what request per employee right down to the office cat! Streamline your flow like a salmon in freshwater.

> Event details

Clicking on any calendar event will bring to the full details of the request including balances, comment etc.

> Employee policy charts

We love the colours in our calendar so we now show these colours under Employee time off charts under their profile.

> Company Tab

Teams, Org Chart and Directory were taking too much space up on the side menu so, to leave room for future modules in their place, we have set them all under the Company tab.

> Employee Notes

Managers can now add notes to employee profiles. Do not worry, as an Administrator, you chose if Managers can see the notes you have added. You can also add documents to each note!

> Housekeeping

This month increased the performance for employee search and image loading. You may not notice it too much but every little helps!

> Knowledge Base

We migrated our Knowledge Base to a new service! It will be updated week by week with helpful insight into the wonders of CakeHR.


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