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Today is a big day - we are launching CakeHR V2!

Today is a big day – we are launching CakeHR V2!

Originally we came out of Beta over a year ago and have been working hard to build both our client base & feature set.

It’s been an awesome process, not without it’s issues but we’ve come a long way and about six months since V1 launch we started to understand that we need to change – CakeHR needs to become more mature & serious.

Current platform wasn’t delivering it – we launched it with a friendly look & feel but there just wasn’t a room for growing features on top of it so we made a decision – let’s re-build the interface.

Today is the day – we’ve launched the new user interface across all accounts so you all have access to it.

Some of the advantages:

  • Interface is fully responsive, which means it works everywhere from large screens to small mobile phones
  • The whole app is much faster
  • Most importantly – this gives us a clear structure to rapidly build features on top of it

We hope you’ll like it even more!

If any comments or feedback, feel free to get in touch with me directly via kaspars at

Kaspars Upmanis
Founder & CEO

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Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr