CakeHR’s HR Experts for Q3 2018

We are back to reveal our A-Z HR Experts for the third quarter and if you’re interested in Blockchain, AI or other emerging trends and technologies, we suggest you pay close attention to this one.

That time already? I hear you say…  We can’t quite believe it either!

If you have been following our previous A-Z HR Experts lists, you will remember in Q1 we looked closely at the HR experts developing the employee experience and culture.

Then in Q2, we continued to see a focus on the talent experience, but also highlighted HR leaders that are knowledgeable in emerging technologies such as Blockchain and AI – a prominent topic in business right now.

As Blockchain and AI continues to make even today’s top headlines, we decided to include within our A-Z list, a couple of the most influential HR professionals in this field, alongside other HR gurus that are driving product innovation, guiding agile business development models, promoting gender equality in the workplace and championing better places to work.

“Of all the emerging technologies, Blockchain is potentially the most impactful on the way we will work in the future.” – Andrew Spence, Strategic Workforce Advisor & HR Transformation Director at Glass Bead Consulting

Innovation and digitalisation of the HR function continues to be a priority, which Blockchain is currently a big part of.  Blockchain technology is a highly anticipated transformational tool which will impact every industry out there on some level, even as far as higher education with the world’s first Blockchain University set to begin teaching in 2019.

The digital age presents new challenges to HR and business, so if you want to embrace new approaches to transform your organisation, you can easily follow our HR Gurus on social media (we have included links), download their research papers, or even catch them talking at one of the many HR and Blockchain events across the globe.

So without further ado, here are our top 26 HR Gurus for Q3 2018…

CakeHR’s HR Gurus for Q3 2018
CakeHR’s HR Gurus for Q3 2018
 Linkedin logo Sarah Andresen, Head of People Science at Sage People (formerly Fairsail) 
 Linkedin logo Gerardus Blokdyk, CEO | Author 
 Linkedin logo Mary Connaughton, Fellow CIPD, Championing better work & working lives. Director CIPD Ireland, Board of Public Appointment Service, Retirement Planning
 Linkedin logo Manne Didehvar, Generalsekreterare/VD Sveriges HR Förening 
 Linkedin logo Dace Eindorfa, HR Business Partner at Hilti
 Linkedin logo Sheri Feinzig, Director of IBM Talent Management Consulting and Smarter Workforce Institute, and Co-Author of The Power of People
 Linkedin logo Vjekoslav Golubovic, HR Planning & Total Workforce Management Director at HT
 Linkedin logo Katharina Heuer, Ehemalige Vorsitzende der Geschäftsführung, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung e.V. (DGFP) 
 Linkedin logo Dania Imtiaz, HR Professional – Talent Acquisition – HR Business Partner 
 Linkedin logo Volker Jacobs, CEO and Founder of TI People 
 Linkedin logo Dace Kauliņa, Employee Experience and Services at LuminorGroup 
 Linkedin logo Veronika Linkuma, HR Director at Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija 
 Linkedin logo Bernard Marr, Internationally best-selling author, keynote speaker, and strategic business & technology advisor 
 Linkedin logo Andrew Ng, Founder and CEO of Landing AI (We’re hiring!); Founder of 
 Linkedin logo Ieva Orinska, Human Resources and Administration Director at ELKO Group 
 Linkedin logo Matthew Payne, Leading recruitment marketing strategy, management & success | Caspian One 
 Linkedin logo Andrea del Valle Q., Sr. Reclutamiento & Selección 
 Linkedin logo Cath Rush FCIPD, Global Head Manager and Leader Development at Tek Experts 
 Linkedin logo Andrew Spence, Strategic Workforce Advisor 
 Linkedin logo Jackie P. Taylor, SPHR, Workforce Agility & Org Transformation/Thought Leader /Author 
 Linkedin logo Namita Undirwadkar, Human Resources at Mahindra Susten Pvt Ltd 
 Linkedin logo Agnija (Sulce) Viba, Head of HR at ERGO (Latvia) 
 Linkedin logo David Whitmarsh, CEO at Whitmarsh Consulting Group Including Best Practice in HR and Best Practice in Sales and Marketing networks 
 Linkedin logo XIAOJING XI, SAP – Senior Audit Specialist 
 Linkedin logo Jan Yager, Sociologist/award-winning author of 46 books in 34 languages; helping authors write/promote books;selling foreign rights 
 Linkedin logo Faye (Fei) Zhao, Leadership & Talent Development Professional 

A final note from one of our HR Guru’s, Andrew Spence:

“As we build the next generation of technology, Blockchain will help bring HR into the digital age. The starting point will be verified and candidate owned CVs, decentralised digital work platforms and new ways to pay workers. This will change the way we work and enable new business models and organisations structures.”

We would love to know who would make your HR Gurus list for Q3 2018 and why, so please share with us in the comments below!


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