CakeHR features in the list of Best HR Blogs to Follow

Feedspot released its latest 2016 report of Top 100 blogs for HR and Talent Management experts. CakeHR with its eclectic mix of relevant and updated content sits pretty among the first 50 names

There are no second thoughts to the fact that CakeHR has created ripples in the cloud software arena with its intuitive and collaborative leave management solution. But that’s not all to the story.

Since the time of its inception, our team has also consciously tried to contribute meaningful content that is both informative and actionable for the HR community.

The proof of pudding lies in our ability to stand tall among the big names in HR blogosphere by getting featured in the list of best HR blogs on a global level.

With a refreshing take on the classic as well as new issues and trends concerning the world of Human Resources, CakeHR has secured a convincing 34th position among the sea of HR blogs that exist on worldwide web.

We aim to take this number higher and higher each year with insightful and focused subject matter.

Top 100 HR Blogs for Human Resource and Talent Management Experts

With many websites and research groups having their own set of rankings for best blogs to follow, it is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed with sheer number of names that pop up. However, Feedspot has earned a credible identity owing to the rigorous approach it follows in arriving the chosen list, which is hard to ignore.

Feedspot’s Evaluation Criteria for Ranking Best HR Blogs

In order to be considered for the ranking study, the blogs had to meet the following eligibility criteria:

A) Contribute thoughtful insights and analysis to the HR community

How we qualified: CakeHR carefully selects HR trends and issues that hold value to todays’ people managers by equipping them with cutting edge knowledge and tools that they can explore and implement at modern day workplace.

From telling our readers what are the best apps in market to boost employee productivity to HR best practices for startups and SMEs, we make sure our blogs offer something for everyone.

B) Offer a unique voice and perspective

How we qualified: CakeHR has on more occasions than one, picked up topics and studies that are bold, new and sometimes controversial. Our bloggers with their rich professional backgrounds, offer the inside scoop of how HR machinery works with objective views of what works and what fails.

Some instances of our unique and unabashed choice of topics include – How to decide between cheap and expensive software?, Is Free HR software worth your attention? or Can HR and Technology be really friends?.

This is just tip of the iceberg with other equally interesting and engaging reads waiting for you to explore.

C) Have a loyal following and readership

How we qualified: CakeHR boasts itself with a good existing readership and steadily growing following thanks to the fresh content, that is easy on eyes and practical enough to put in action. Plus the positive word of mouth on social media helps our blog gain new loyal followers each day.

D) Publish content at least once a month

How we qualified: CakeHR is quite enthusiastic with content sharing and our blog followers can treat themselves with 8-10 interesting blogs and stories per month.

Once a blog passes these screening criteria it is ranked on the basis of below mentioned differentiators:

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

CakeHR with its agile approach in posting and managing content on social media has surged the popularity charts with both HR as well as Business community being its blog followers.

Some of the HR Best Practices and Trends discussed under the blog section include:

  • Employee Management Software (Leave, Calendar, Productivity, Sales, CRM, Marketing, Analytics, HR and other domains)
  • Cloud solutions for HR
  • Compensation and Geographies
  • Women in Business
  • Latest apps to consider for better workplace
  • Employer-Employee relationships
  • HR and SMEs
  • Hiring for different skill sets
  • Slide share presentations on HR issues
  • And Many More

Why you need CakeHR Blog?

One function that has truly stood the test of time in terms of holding the organization fabric together is the department of Human Resources.

The people managers have a place on the decision table and are no longer administrative support hands of the past.

To ensure they keep bringing value to the table, HR needs to be backed with the knowledge of new developments, challenges, resources and tools concerning their own field as well as related fields like technology, social media and marketing.

A good HR Blog delivers information that aids HR to be nifty and sharp in making employees happy and productive.

CakeHR’s motivation to host blogs is to connect with the expanding community of progressive HR fraternity who are not shy of new trends and want exciting stuff that they can use at work based on analytical insights, expert reviews and valuable recommendations.

It’s time HR came to the center stage instead of lurking in the shadow of other overbearing business functions. And our blog will help you just do that, in the right way.

As the Feedspot ranking says it all – You would be glad to discover CakeHR blog! 🙂


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