A Guide to Employee Performance Management

An easy-to-follow guide for effective practices

We now have the ultimate guide to the most effective employee management practices!

Performance management is simply a system or process that helps create a work environment in which employees are consistently encouraged to meet goals are perform to their highest ability.

An effective performance management strategy does not only advance employee performance, but also brings together the workforce, allows growth of employees, and consistently yields better business results.

Build a program people won’t hate

The book “Employee Performance Management: A step-to-step guide to best practices” provides useful and effective suggestions on performance management practices.

Practical worksheets that guide readers towards applying the performance management practices suggested in the book ensure that the guide is easy to follow and implement.

Some significant information and skills that readers will take away from this book include:

  • The advantages of creating a more effective employee performance management process;
  • The best and most effective employee performance management practices that organizations can create and apply to their workplace;
  • The advantages of using a cloud-based performance management software;
  • Building a case that justifies an a performance management system at your workplace;
  • Indentifying and prioritizing challenges at your workplace that are related to performance management. Setting realistic objectives for the implementation of performance management process that will help you gradually overcome the challenges;
  • Instill the idea and significance of a performance management system in your employees by posting performance management articles on the organizations intranet, holding discussions and communication the new performance management processes through email;
  • Designing activities that will help you set up a performance management system;
  • Reviewing and analyzing the organizations performance related results;
  • Selecting performance management reviews that will allow employees the best opportunities to develop and grow.

Take a look at this complementary e-book to learn more about setting up an effective performance management process, or improving a current performance management process at your workplace.


Written By

Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr