Employee Scheduling Module is Coming to CakeHR

Still relying on Excel spreadsheets and dry erase boards with scribbled-in names of employees to know who’s working when? Your life is about to change. Say hello to CakeHR’s employee scheduling module.

CakeHR’s, HR management software, employee scheduling module makes it extremely easy and fast to create and share schedules with employees, assign shifts, and manage day-offs.

Everything is stored in the cloud which means that you can access your employee schedules anywhere, anytime using your laptop, desktop, or smartphone!

Benefits of CakeHR Employee Scheduling Module

#1 Save Time and Avoid Delays

Time is money. We know how time-consuming it is to draw out employee schedules in Excel or a piece of paper. In fact, an average-sized company could spend up to 8 hours a week on managing employee schedules! With CakeHR’s scheduling module, you can build and share a full employee schedule in just few hours!

#2 Cross-Platform Access

CakeHR’s employee scheduling module can be accessed using any platform. Using the cloud, your employee schedules can be accessed 24/7. Employees also receive notifications directly on their smartphones, keeping them on top of their schedules and enabling them to work more effectively.

#3 Increase Employee Satisfaction

Confusion in work schedules is a productivity killer. An employee scheduling software ensures that employees are scheduled to work only when they are available. CakeHR offers the platform for the employees to communicate their availability to Managers and Scheduling Admins, before the Schedule has been created, therefore saving heaps of time going forth and backwards. When there’s less confusion about who’s working when and where, employees become more engaged, are happier, and more satisfied with the work they do. They also tend to stay longer in the company.

#4 Adapt to Changes Quickly

What happens when an employee calls in sick for the day? Or how about when there’s an unexpected shift change at the last minute? Those who spent countless hours manually scheduling each employee knows how cumbersome it is to modify employee schedules when these changes occur. Not to mention the time spent on calling or texting all parties involved.

With CakeHR’s employee scheduling module, this is not a problem. Schedules changes or updates can be done in just a few clicks. And by a push of a button, everybody is notified right away. This feature is very handy especially during peak seasons to ensure that you are not understaffed.

#5 Better Staffing Decisions

Who’s working when? Who’s better in sales? Who works best in the back office during peak hours? With CakeHR’s employee scheduling module, you can make better staffing decisions by leveraging all the data and information you get from your employees through the app.

CakeHR Scheduling module
CakeHR Scheduling module

#6 A Scalable Staffing Solution

As your business grows, so does your number of employees. This can present a major problem if you are just using Excel to manage your employee schedules. CakeHR grows with your business. Every feature and module is designed to scale up or down, depending on your needs.

Excel and dry erase boards are old school. In today’s age where speed and productivity are deal breakers, businesses that rely on “primitive” tools easily get left behind. Don’t let staffing problems prevent you from trumping the competition.

Step up your game and choose CakeHR!


Written By

Ilona Kalniņa

Experienced HR Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Intercultural Communication, Recruitment, Office Management and Administration, with excellent People Skills. Strong education professional with a BS focused in Library and Information Management from University of Latvia.