Employee Timesheet Monitoring Comes to CakeHR

Timesheets have evolved from sheets of paper with tabular entries to timesheet monitoring software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Timesheet is used to record the amount of time an employee has spent on a job for a defined time period. And then, this timesheet becomes the basis for calculating that employee’s salary.

Timesheets have evolved from sheets of paper with tabular entries to punch cards stamped by time clocks or Bundy clocks to timesheet monitoring software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Using Timesheet Monitoring Software

CakeHR’s Timesheet Monitoring module is a trackable workforce solution. Employees are able to submit their timesheets at the end of the period (eg week or month), which then are automatically forwarded to the manager for approval. Approved timesheets can be merged in a collective report that is much needed for the payroll department (external provider or in-house).

Studies have shown us that a timesheet monitoring module like CakeHR’s can help the HR manage finances, staff projects, and budget better. The ability to access and edit a timesheet in a mobile phone also makes life easier especially for businesses with employees who spend more time on the road.

#1 Track Time Spent Working by Employees

Millions of dollars are lost in productivity each year. This could be due to employees slacking off or losing any sense of urgency.

CakeHR’s timesheet module
CakeHR’s timesheet module

A time sheet software is a valuable tool for recording and tracking how much time employees spend working.

#2 Provide Valuable Information for Supervisors

Hours worked provide important information to supervisors.

Timesheets overview
Timesheets overview

It allows them to view the number of hours required for a project or specific tasks, giving them the details they need for assigning tasks, scheduling employees, and even hiring new talents.

#3 Less Prone to Errors

Manual time recording is prone to errors. Recording time using CakeHR’s timesheet module provides accurate data that will help supervisors gauge team performance better and make more effective decisions.

Timesheet status
Timesheet status

Accurate knowledge of team performance helps drive corporate strategy. Through information collected from the timesheet monitoring software, employers can judge whether the team is productive or engaging in unprofitable work.

How Electronic Timesheets Work

Although keeping timesheets are not the most glamorous jobs in a company, it’s definitely an important one. Few employees enjoy clocking in and out of work that’s why electronic timesheets, like CakeHR, are designed to involve less clicks to complete.

At the end of each work day, employees can enter the hours they work. At the end of each pay period, workers can submit their timesheets to their managers for approval. Managers have the authority to review, accept, or reject a timesheet. Rejected records go back to the employee for correction while approved timesheets are processed for payroll.

HR management software CakeHR
HR management software CakeHR

Today’s era of fast-paced work focused on productivity and efficiency has no room for traditional time tracking methods. Cloud-based timesheet monitoring is the future. Imagine a single system that each employee can access anytime, anywhere to see how much time they’ve spent on their projects. Isn’t this better?

Simplify your time tracking process today with CakeHR.


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