5 Types of Toxic Employees [Infographic]

...and how to deal with the jerks

Can’t even going to lie to you.

This infographic made me laugh instantly when I saw cartoons of each of the 5 Types of Toxic Employees. Along with being fairly comical, I found it to be super helpful for both the employer side and the job seeker community that visits COTJ.

Truth be told, we all know at least 1 person that fits into these categories. If you can’t think of anyone who fits the description then I’m sorry but it just might be you.

The people over at GetVoip did an awesome job pulling this together, so go on and click here to check out their original write up and to peep those resources.

If you’re wondering, my favorite is clearly ‘The Hot Mess”. That unbuttoned shirt with the belly showing is perfect.

Take a look at the infographic and then check the bottom for a few questions 🙂

5 Types of Toxic Employees [Infographic]
5 Types of Toxic Employees [Infographic]
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