FinancesOnline Features CakeHR Among Top50 Software Solutions

CakeHR gains popularity and traction with the promising score of 8.1 by, a pioneer platform for finding the best finance, SAAS and B2B solutions

FinancesOnline has been one of the fastest growing names in the software review community with business owners depending on its objective and credible inputs for finding best professional solutions.

CakeHR has emerged strong in the comprehensive evaluation process employed by FinancesOnline review with an overall final score of 8.1, that makes our software a “must-try” for all businesses, especially the SMEs 👍

In an era where the entrepreneurs are bombarded with endless choices and little insight into the real functionalities of software products, a system like FinancesOnline cuts the tediousness and helps in non-biased decision making.

We in the process have benefited with the positive review that skyrockets our product ahead of others and helps us meet our potential clients as conveniently as possible.

Scoring Pattern followed by FinancesOnline

The comprehensive reviews generated by FinancesOnline are result of logic and experience.

A team of experts evaluates the product/service on multiple parameters including the main functionalities and peripheral (yet most important) features like –

  • Collaboration Support. Sharing information, documents, ideas, task/contact association, attachment capabilities, etc.
  • Customization. Custom features like reports, fields, business processes to meet client needs;
  • Integration with other apps. Assimilation with third-party apps and APIs especially the productivity tools like Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Outlook and other proprietary email apps;
  • Ease of Use. Task performance, dashboards, data management, intuitive behavior, drag and drop tools, self-help features etc. that make software easy to learn and use;
  • Help & Support. Technical and Customer Support Plans, Live Chat, Knowledge database, tickets and freemium services;
  • Security. Data Access & Backup, Password encryption, reputable certifications of security;
  • Media Rating. Average of the ratings by major review sites such as CNET, Gartner, MacWorld and PCMag.

The final score is then arrived at on the scale of 1 to 10, after a thorough consideration and weightage of all the above factors.

Additionally, the vendors are conferred with the following seals and awards, after expert assessment.

  • Customer Satisfaction Algorithm. Includes reviews and experiences of other users who have used the product. The algorithm also considers testimonials and rating of the company across other social media channels;
  • Verified Quality Seal. Multi-criteria observed by FinancesOnline that rewards members with quality guarantee seal if they meet certain pre described standards;
  • Quality Certificates and Best Products Awards. The system lets you know with simple to follow icons and badges about the category leaders and product ‘s strengths.

Highlights of the FinancesOnline’s Review of CakeHR

The review apart from sharing details on the core product of CakeHR, which is Leave Management Solution, gives explanatory description of the features and benefits of using our software.

The best part of the report is scenario based problem solving addressed through our software. This includes:

Scenario 1: Maximizing work efficiency by knowing the availability status of different team members through employee self-service, automated approval, and real time notifications

Scenario 2: Eliminating reliance on paperwork and unreliable spreadsheets by replacing it with centralized and consistent database and reports

Scenario 3: Having on-the-go ability to make leave and time-off requests through mobile application support

Awards, Certificates and Accomplishments

FinancesOnline award badges are credible and can be featured on the company website with pride.

Therefore, we were very pleased with the honors bestowed on our software in their CakeHR reviews, namely:

⭐ Certificate of Great User Experience ⭐

Great UI/UX and seamless navigation have been the forte of our software from its inception and will remain our USP to make our product standout from competitor offerings.

⭐ Rising Star for the year 2016 ⭐

We would continue to intensify our efforts to grow and mature into a full package software solution that holds value for the HR Community.

⭐ CakeHR managed to provide 100% User Satisfaction ⭐

We have an active social community of users and followers of CakeHR that got us 32 positive and verified social mentions across various online channels with 0 negative mentions. 

⭐ Guaranteed Quality ⭐ 

This interprets as ability of the product to provide top quality services and features with verified support and contact details.

All the above triumphs and non-biased expert evaluation led CakeHR to feature among the FinancesOnline’s top HR management software products.  

The review report also provides valuable insights into the pricing model and comparisons with other similar software suites both in terms of cost and features.

This quick and relevant snapshot of software helps buyers make confident decisions that are suited to organization needs and are less prone to after purchase regrets or stress.

Our team at CakeHR shares excitement to be part of the FinancesOnline’s list of top players in the HR software market.

We hope to emerge stronger and better with each passing year of review and recognition. You can read the full report here – CakeHR Software review.


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