HR management software CakeHR – What Are We Building

Hooray - first post!

Last two months we’ve spent researching, planning, wireframing and building a prototype for our SaaS startup CakeHR.

CakeHR-How to sync with Google Calendar
CakeHR – How to sync with Google Calendar.

It has grown out of our internal need for an easy-to-use and simple Human Resource Information System (HRIS). For us, being a steadily growing outsourced digital production agency with offices in London and Riga, it’s increasingly difficult to successfully manage employee information (contracts, personal information, etc) and time-off (holidays / sick-days).

Whilst a simple email + spreadsheet system might work in short-term it’s certainly not a future-proof approach so we did a bit of a research and set out to build our own.

Current status: we have about 3 weeks left of development for a nicely working prototype / alpha version. At that point we’ll show a sneak peek at some of the features.

We currently have a number of small/medium sized agencies on board for a private Beta. If you’re interested to participate, drop me an email at

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Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr