Free Exit Interview Template & Employee Offboarding: Everything You Need to Know

Using this free exit interview template + infographic will help you make sure that your conversations with a leaving employee are meaningful and productive.

An exit interview is a survey conducted with an employee before he or she is officially out of the company. The exit interview follows an exit interview template.

During exit interviews, positive and negative feedback are highly encouraged. This is a great time for companies to learn why the employee is resigning, how the company can improve, and what the leaving employee likes about his employment.

Respect in the workplace is not only a “feel good” requirement but has a direct impact on employee productivity and the company bottom line

The offboarding interview is often conducted by a human resources specialist or even a third-party who follows an exit interview template provided by the company. This is done so leaving employees will feel more comfortable and hence, more honest about their feedback.

Sample Free Exit Interview Template

When an employee hands over his resignation letter, your next step would be to send him a termination form with the following questions:

1. How long have you been considering your resignation?

2. What reason(s) below describes why you are leaving?

a. Compensation

b. Personal reasons

c. Leadership

d. Work culture

e. Significant career change

f. More opportunities for professional growth

3. If you have already accepted a new job, please select the items that you find more attractive about your new position:

a. Better compensation

b. Better work culture

c. Better location

d. Leadership

e. Better work-life balance

f. More opportunities for growth and development

g. Different industry

4. What did you like about your job?

5. What did you hate about your job? What would you like to change?

6. How would you describe our company culture?

7. How would you describe your work environment?

8. How would you describe your relationship with your supervisor/manager? Please provide context.

9. What could your manager/supervisor do to become a better leader?

10. We aim to be an employee-oriented company. What is your experience in terms of motivation and morale at work?

11. Can you provide more context to your reasons for leaving? Was there an event that prompted this decision?

12. Why did you join our company? How has that changed throughout your time with us?

13. Do you believe your manager/supervisor supported your professional growth and development?

14. Can you give us 2 things we could to create a better workplace?

Companies are not the same. So, feel free to adapt the following free exit interview template to your needs. Give your employee enough time to submit his termination form before meeting him face to face.

3 Big Reasons Why You Need a Termination Form

An exit interview template or termination form is one of the best ways to make sure your conversations with a leaving employee is productive and meaningful. It provides structure and guidance to your interview and makes sure that you don’t miss any important information.

1 — Makes sure that you get the most important information

A leaving employee will always have thoughts and feelings to share. An exit interview template gives you guidance that’ll keep you from getting away from the most crucial information your company needs — constructive feedback.

2 — Helps you identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth

An exit interview template gives you a place where you can make notes on critical feedback you receive from a leaving employee. These are notes that you can share later with the company’s leadership.  Remember that it’s very easy to miss something when you are not keeping a record — no matter how good a listener you are.

3 — Provides a foundation for future improvements

There’s always room for growth. And leaving employees are more comfortable leaving honest feedback because they know that whatever they say will not affect their standing. Criticisms and suggestions are at the core of an exit interview template. The answers you get provides you a solid starting point for decreasing turnover and overall, making your workplace a better place.

Offboarding: You Employee Exit Checklist

An employee’s last day on your company can be as crucial as his first. That’s why your business must have an offboarding process. An employee exit checklist is a list that outlines the exit process inside your company. It tells the HR the various steps a leaving employee must go through before he can officially say goodbye. This includes filling up a termination form, going through an exit interview, retrieving company items, issuing the last paycheck, and many more.

Below is an example of an employee exit checklist:

✅ Communicate changes  

  • The manager informs the HR and the department that the employee is leaving
  • HR informs IT and Payroll departments

✅ Prepare paperwork

  • Have employee fill up a termination form
  • Have the employee sign a non-compete or nondisclosure agreement
  • Give employee his insurance, 401k, and other benefits documents
  • Give employee his last paycheck, annual tax documents, etc.

✅ Transfer knowledge

  • Get the leaving employee to log important details for his replacement
  • Have another worker shadow him during his final weeks
  • Take note of documents, files, and other deliverables

✅ Exit interview

  • Prepare the exit interview template
  • Ask for honest feedback, criticisms, etc.
  • Analyze the credibility of employee’s statements and share results with leadership, anonymously

✅ Retrieve company items

  • Collect company phones, computers, etc.
  • Take back keys, security cards, badges, and uniforms
  • Close company expense accounts (i.e. company credit card)
  • Process any reimbursements

✅ Have a fun send-off

  • Pass along a best wishes card around the office
  • Schedule a goodbye dinner
  • Give leaving employee a personalized gift

✅ Leave the door open

  • Make sure employee contact information is updated
  • Keep employee details in your system
  • Invite employee into the alumni network

The final bits

  • Delete employee account from company systems
  • Change passwords of systems or accounts that employee has access to
  • Update company organization chart
  • Redirect incoming calls/emails for the employee to his manager
  • Clean out desk

Automate Your Offboarding Process with HR Software CakeHR

A leaving employee often means lots of changes in your company. Not to mention the pressure of finding a new person to fill in the now-vacant position. How can you make sure that you will not miss important details during this transition period?

Simple answer: automate your offboarding process.

Emloyee onbarding & offboarding software CakeHR
Employee onboarding & offboarding software CakeHR

CakeHR’s Onboarding/Offboarding module allows you to automate your entire offboarding process in just a few clicks. With our software:

  • You can create a list of tasks to do when an employee leaves.
  • Add deadlines for each task.
  • Assign each task to specific people inside your organization.

Our amazing application also provides you with oversight as to where the leaving employee is in his offboarding process. This helps you make sure that everything is happening smoothly and according to schedule. With each task tracked in real-time, you can rest assured that you won’t miss an important detail during the offboarding process.

Bonus Section: Exit Interview Questions You Can Ask Your Leaving Employee + Infographic!

You want to make the most out of your exit interview. Below are some questions you can add to your free exit interview template. Don’t feel obliged to use all of them. Just pick the ones you think you will need.

Free Exit Interview questions Template & Employee Offboarding: Everything You Need to Know
Free Exit Interview Questions Template & Employee Offboarding: Everything You Need to Know / Venngage Infographic Timeline Maker.

1. Why did you begin looking for a new job?

2. What made you accept the new position?

3. Did you feel that you were equipped to excel at your job?

4. How would you describe the culture of our company? Can you give me specific examples?

5. Since we hired you, do you feel your job description has changed? In what way

6. What could have been done for you to remain employed here?

7. Did you share your concerns with anyone inside the company?

8. If given the chance to change something in the company, what would you change?

9. What company policies did you find difficult to understand? How can our company make them clearer?

10. Were you satisfied by how you were managed? What things could your manager have done better?

11. Do you think the management adequately recognized employee contributions? If not, how do you think the management can improve in terms of rewarding hardworking employees?

12. Did you feel like a valuable part of the company? Do you have any suggestions on how we can make employees feel valued?

13. Did you have clear goals and objectives? Did your manager help you achieve those goals and objectives?

14. Did you receive constructive feedback to help you improve?

15. What was your best experience in the company? What was the worst?

16. How can our company improve professional training and development programs?

17. Do you have suggestions on improving employee morale?

18. Would you consider working here in the future? In what capacity?

19. What would need to change?

20. Do you have any concerns about the company that you would like to share? What qualities do you think we should look for in your replacement?


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HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources

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