What Would Be Your Age at the Time the Gender Gap Closes

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It is believed that the Global Gender Gap will close in the year 2095. So if you were born this year, you would be 80 years of age when the gender gap closes.

In simple terms, Gender Gap is the differences between men and women, whether socially, politically, culturally, economically, or intellectually.

Even as we progress at a fast pace, there is no declining that there exists some inequality between the sexes everywhere.

Whether it is Malala demanding for girls education in Pakistan, or female actors in Hollywood asking for a higher salary that would match those of their male counterparts, the gender disparity is everywhere.

Gender Gap calculator 2015

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released an interesting report in 2014 (the Global Gender Gap Report).

The report has tried to quantify the differences and inequalities observed between the male and female genders across the world, and has tried to track the progress the world has made towards closing this gender gap.

While several factors contribute towards gender gap, and it is impossible to quantifiably measure all of them. This report has considered 4 major areas:

Health – Life expectancy, survival rates, and the sex ratio in different countries

Education – The ratio of men and women who have attained higher education

Economics – The paychecks of men and women, their involvement at various levels of an organization, and the likelihood of them being employed at a high-skilled job

Politics – Involvement of men and women in political organizations

The WEF also generated a Gender Gap Calculator. You can use this calculator to find out what your age would be when the gender gap finally closes in your country.

The report also released a Gender Gap Index that ranks countries based on their progress towards closing the gender gap.

The highest-ranking countries on this Index have the highest percentage of gender gap that has been closed.

Iceland ranks highest of the Gender Gap Index, and is followed by Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.


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