Are You Hiring Project Manager For Your Digital Team?

The importance of the project manager in a digital marketing team

You may need a project manager in your team to give your projects the needed boost and direction it needs to finish projects. A project manager should bring in myriad skills and a versatile portfolio to be able to execute the intricacies of the job. More often a project manager would have some knowledge of marketing and copywriting so they can understand your brand better and communicate the strategies that will bring in your ROIs.

The role of a project manager is fit for those individuals who can combine marketing knowledge with account management, strategy and execution skills to create the perfect mix for individuals who are extremely organized, motivated and enjoy directing others and meeting deadlines.

A project manager should be your perfect ally in every step of a marketing strategy from building campaigns to generating conversations and building profits.

The Digital Project Manager

Digital project managers are leaders in their group. They ensure things get done in the digital world.

Plans must be carried out and digital managers make sure that these are followed through. Marketing campaigns are the realm of a digital marketer and they often combine a brand’s online resources such as e-books, videos, and social media with human resources such as designers, copywriters and email marketers to create effective marketing campaigns. Action plans based on strategic objectives are converted from raw digital marketing ideas to break down the complex ideas into clear well-defined tasks.

Some of the most important tasks of a digital project manager are drafting meeting agendas, preparing and monitoring project schedules and budgets, contributing to client proposals and quotes and assessing and evaluating project success.

Copywriting and Editing

Any marketing position requires that you have good writing skills and editing skills. In today’s environment content is considered king and digital project managers should have a polished skill at copywriting and editing. They need these skills to craft campaigns and to make social media reports.

Even if you have a lot of people on your team a project manager must at least take a quick proofread of some content to make sure everything is error free.

A project manager may be even tasked to do some copywriting. Good language skills also ensure that you will be able to communicate efficiently with clients and vendors, so the skill of writing clear and concise emails that people can understand is an absolute necessity. Aside from the written word project managers should also have an eye for design so they can connect writers and designers.

Social Media

Everyone involved in marketing on the internet should have a degree of knowledge in social media platforms. This may even include a schedule Instagram posts and other salient skills that make social media campaigns a success.

Digital project managers should especially know the strengths and weaknesses of each social media platform in connection with their brand and how to maximize the tools available in each platform for their marketing success.

Social media can bring in a lot of benefits and ROIs for a company if used to its best potential. Digital project managers should know how to use such social media tools as Hoot suite and Simply Measured which is an analytics platform.

Tech & Marketing Lingo

Your digital project manager should know all the basic jargon and language of your business and digital marketing landscape. Usually, these jargons involve marketing and technology terms.

They should have a firm grasp of this vocabulary in order to be persuasive and be perceived as an authority blogger. They will also be able to comprehend more of what their contacts are saying so they can contribute to the conversation and effectively communicate messages to others.

Fiscal Responsibility

On the outset companies craft great words and build enticing designs but these are just a means to a goal and not ends in itself. Companies run on the sales these marketing methods bring in. A digital project manager must constantly be aware of the company’s profit goals.

They must know a company’s profit margin and marketing budget and the effect of the time employees spend on inter projects has on ROIs. They must always be aware of fiscal expectations on a daily basis when scoping resourcing specific campaigns and projects.

Relationship Building

Project managers must be good at relationship building. They should have a knack for working with many types of people and cultivating relationships.

Project managers serve as the client lead and the main advocate of their team. They will mostly be handling communications as they receive internal feedback, connection with clients and hands-on work with applications and programs. Throughout their work project managers will be exposed to many people of different types such as creative, passionate, and talented individuals. Project managers, as a result, will have to with every type of personality and communication style.

SEO Knowledge

No company can survive online nowadays without taking SEO seriously. Right now, it is important for companies to have their content on the first page of Google.

Project managers can get an advantage if they have some SEO knowledge because getting their company to achieve better rankings would be a good contribution. Search engine optimization help bridge companies and clients through great and relevant content from one’s website.

There are times that copywriters and other marketing team members absolutely forget the importance of SEO as part of the process but project managers should always be aware of its importance so they can remind their team.

Jim Hughes is a content marketer who has significant experience covering technology, finance, economics, and business topics for about 3 years. He likes to share all the insight and knowledge he has.

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