How HR Tech Saves Time & Increases Efficiency

Time is valuable for Human Resources professionals and great HR Tech can make all the difference

In small to medium sized organisations, the pressure to achieve value with less and fewer resources has never been greater. Human resources leaders, managers and those charged with managing HR processes within organisations must balance the demands of HR administration, whilst also being on hand to support business growth and organisational development through people. 

For business owner operators the stakes with managing the complexities of HR administration and the business can be even higher. In more nimble organisations, business owners can find they’re spending an increasing amount of time on administration that can include approving holidays, time sheets, reviewing and creating performance management plans, with metrics, kpi’s and business deliverables. In addition to tackling the well known challenges felt across all businesses currently, recruitment.

How can HR tech help HR professionals and business owners of small – medium sized businesses to save time and increase efficiency? 

Here we will explore the advantages of HR tech and several of the core features of Sage HR’s, complete HR solution and productivity tools for small to medium sized businesses. 

HR Technology – The future is now

As the focus on maximising talent capability in the workforce intensifies for small businesses, the need for HR and business owners to deploy HR technology to maximise efficiency grows too. Somewhat unsurprisingly thought leaders such as Mckinsey and Company have been championing the shift towards greater HR process automation for some time. 

The advantages of increased adoption of HR technology have been heralded by Mckinsey as being the greatest workplace disrupter. 

The core of HR 3.0 focuses singularly on driving value from talent

Amongst the positive disruptions for HR, has been the adoption of intelligent process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and continuous technology advances, all which have helped deliver continuity across people processes. 

An enormously beneficial transition for HR teams and business owner operators, with the vast variety of HR administration requiring management at any one time.  

Furthermore the cost savings that have been available to organisations and HR professionals balancing resource budgets and the business demands to make savings, have been realised thanks to developments in HR Technology.

HR technology in straight forward terms, makes the balance of the employee and employer relationship far stronger. With the balance of administration and operational management being made far more streamlined, giving valuable and much needed time back to time stretched business owners and HR professionals.

Implementing HR Technology

Implementing new technologies into your business can feel like a big step for business owners. Yet the advantages of doing so are always worthy of the time and financial investment. 

Through the adoption of HR technology, one of the most immediate advantages is having easy access to all the essential information for your employees and any freelance or contracted workers. 

From accessing information to help inform hiring decisions, to understanding patterns in performance or absence management. As a business owner or manager you will be up to date on the latest picture on people within your organisation. 

The second immediately noticeable advantage is the additional time, that as a business owner or HR practitioner is in incredibly short supply, is gained back by having HR management software that can automate and streamline processes like employee self-services, training, sick days and holiday allowance.

The truth is that HR technology, such as Sage HR, will streamline the workflows you have,  improving both productivity and administration management.

Features & Time Saving Benefits

There are a multitude of features and benefits available through the introduction of a HR Management tool but what are some of the leading features and time saving benefits to be attained by moving to Sage HR in 2023 and beyond?

📎 Employee Self-Service (ESS)

One of the stand out, game changing and time saving features you will access in Sage HR is Employee self-service (ESS). This feature enables employees to access and manage their personal and HR related information directly through the easy to access tool. 

Furthermore, the key feature of employee self service is that employees can gain easy access to your company policies, their payslips and everything connected to their shift and schedules. The ease of employee self service means that many of the questions that employees are prone to ask of management, can be fulfilled and answered at the quick click of a button. 

The shift to ESS gives your employees a huge amount of autonomy over how their personal information is handled and managed. Allowing employees to directly complete HR administrative tasks that were traditionally handled by HR or Management, which can also include: 

  • Updating contact information
  • Downloading pay stubs
  • Requesting time off
  • Enrolling in benefits.

The Core HR features of Sage HR are where you will find employee self service, encompassing the centralization of your employee records, whilst giving clear and full visibility of your entire team. This enables you as an owner manager or HR manager to manage everything from digital communications to reporting and organisational charts, easily and readily. 

One of several advantages of moving to an ESS solution is that the consolidation of employee information into one ease of access, web based gateway, is that according to SHRM, employee satisfaction levels increase resulting from improved communication achieved throughout the organisation.

Further to this, ESS delivers efficiencies that are impactful to employees directly. Through empowering employees to input and manage their own data, the elimination of inaccuracies in data collection is achieved by offering a single point of entry and immediate alignment with both GDPR, data protection and business rules.

📎 Performance Management

Talent and performance management are one of the primary focuses of all businesses, large and small. With Sage HR’s performance management module, it is possible to fully realise the benefits of the investments you’re making into the talent and performance of your people within the organisation. 

Performance management is the practice and process of maximising the value that the employees of your organisation create. In essence, it aims to both maintain and continuously improve the performance of employees’ in line with the objectives of the organisation. 

Whilst performance management alone, is far from a stand alone activity. By approaching performance management holistically, the value creation is not a single activity, but instead a collaboration of practices that when approached holistically, achieve maximum people benefits. 

The HR tech’ solution offered through a performance management system, enables you as a business owner or leader, to support, retain and develop your people. Successful performance management is built on strong communications, goal setting, well defined responsibilities and post-project analysis help employees to succeed. Putting a formal performance review process in place supports your workforce in achieving their potential. 

Sage HR’s performance management solution, helps you to develop your workforce with an intuitive performance module. Its’ built in actionable performance insights allow you and your teams to make smarter decisions, offering more upside for your people and your business. 

Combining 360 feedback features and an easy access overview into individual and team progress, ensures the job of managing performance, is made a lot easier.

📎 Recruitment

People are the lifeblood of your organisation. Yet the shared understanding in these challenging times for business, is how challenging the art of recruitment can be. Multitudes of candidate applications, not all of the candidates fitting the requirements, scheduling challenges and efforts to compete in a challengingly competitive environment are only some of the complexities faced in recruiting talent. 

The advantages of HR tech in recruitment are vast. With benefits ranging the ease of which prospective candidates can learn more about your organisation, search and apply for open positions. In addition, applicants can check on the status of their application or where the organisation is in the recruitment process. 

This has huge advantages to the organisation; in-house recruitment management using an HR tech solution can save significant resource budget that would otherwise go to a third party recruiting agency. The in-house management element also allows you to grow, manage and promote your employer brand. A vital part of establishing your organisation on the wider employment market and helping it to become known by future potential employees and applicants. 

The increased engagement that applicants can have with your organisation, can increase the efficiency of recruitment along with the added cost savings that can be achieved too. 

Sage HR’s recruitment module offers customers on demand applicant screening, candidate applications manageable from both the app and desktop service, in addition to giving your candidates a great candidate experience, thanks to scheduling and communication tools at your fingertips.

Continuous improvement and latest features

The evolution of HR tech is showing no signs of slowing. The digital revolution of HR that we’re witnessing in real time, is providing tremendous upside for HR professionals and business owners. 

Companies want solutions that can seamlessly integrate with existing HCM systems and directly access and manage employee data

Sage HR is committed to continuous improvement and has recently launched the advanced permissions feature. The value this brings customers is one of empowerment, with users gaining access to all the features they need, but no additional features that they don’t. The benefit? In short, the ease of use, defining detailed permissions with access granted to specific features, fields and more. Placing our customers and their teams in control of their information and HR records, quickly, easily and securely. 

One of a multitude of benefits available to our customers through using Sage HR for business. 

If your interest has been piqued, then why not experience the advantages first hard by signing up to a free five month trial with Sage HR today and experience the power of our HR technology for yourself. 



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Written By

Jade Taryn Graham

Jade is the founder & CEO of Inspired a people & talent consultancy working with the most innovative early stage companies worldwide. Founder & CCO of Inspired Talent Media Ltd and contributing writer for Sage HR where Jade writes about people, leadership, work/life balance and change.