How to Make Company Reports

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It’s that dreaded annual employee review. And to alleviate some of the stress, when all the work has piled up and employees are looking for bonus compensations and wage reviews, you need to have all the relevant information to hand.

Running company reports from CakeHR is like using an all-seeing eye. You can put away the calculator and stop searching Google for excel formulas; we have done it all for you.

By providing the facility to sign in, head to the Reports tab found on the dashboard, and choose from 8 report functions, CakeHR has made your work simpler than ever before.

How to Make Reports

You will find all the information you seek – from policies within certain periods, to reports on your employees’ dreaded Bradford Factor.

How to Make Reports
How to Make Reports

It is all done for you in realtime. If needed, you can export your reports into a .csv file to share with others and even save graphs as an image or .pdf for use in bigger presentations.

How to Make Reports

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