How to Manage Employee’s Leave

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One of main task of many Human Resources departments is to manage the companies efficiency.

We know there are countless documents that need to handled and signed every day and during certain periods of time, we all wish that was a system to use that would reduce the workflow strain.

At CakeHR, we have provided just that for you. One of the recurring interactions between employees, managers and human resources is about time off. Whether these are holiday requests or dealing with sick-leave, we have made a simple yet effective piece of online software for the entire company to use. There is no installation required and you can view the entire company’s time off instantly with the ability to run reports when needed.

To manage your employee’s leave, the process is simple.

Firstly, you sign up to a free trial with no obligation and no credit card requests. You will be taken immediately to CakeHR with its welcoming and friendly user interface. We have already created a few default policies to help you get going.

How to manage employees leave.

To understand the full force of CakeHR, adding two or three employees will not hurt. At the click of a button, they are invited by email and with no extra set up from their side, they can easily request holidays.

How to manage employees leave.

You will be notified of the request and you can accept or decline with a choice of notifying your employee by email if you wish. Your calendar will update automatically and voila! You have reduced the amount of work and increased your company’s efficacy dramatically.

How to manage employees leave.

Employees can also find out their available allowance easily too by going to their profile. Saving you and them another conversation and calculation! Phew!

How to manage employees leave.

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