How to Set Different Time Off Policies

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Of course, not everybody receives the same allowance and you may have different time off policies depending on when a person starts or how many hours a week they work. There are many reasons, as you know!

Simply head to Settings and under the Time Off tab, you will find towards the top the ability to create a new policy. With this small popup, you create your policy with ease and, when saving it, you are given the option to assign this policy to current employees.

You can edit the options and the eligibility of this policy as easy as creating it too. Just click on the Settings or Eligibility buttons and change what you need.

How to Set Different Time Off Policies

Examples of how we use policies in a creative way is by creating and allowance of working from home. You can also set the policy to track the number of days taken, rather than having an accrued allowance. We have seen companies use this for when employees are late. The possibilities are endless.

How to Set Different Time Off Policies

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