How to Split Employees in to Teams

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Whether in a large or small company, teams create efficiency in the workplace and we want to make your understanding of your teams and departments as the back of your hand.

On the CakeHR dashboard, we have created a Teams tab. You can split employees in to teams whether they are Customer Support, Marketing, IT support or management and drag and drop your current employees into each team.

How to Split Employees in to Teams

For each team, you can create a manager under the team edit icon. Any requests within the team will be sent to the manager to accept or decline and the manager can only view the personal information and calendar of time off within their team. Like the manager, the team also can only view the calendar for their team. This reduces information overwhelming and increases an inclusive energy within the team.

How to Split Employees in to Teams

If a department or team has a deadline coming up, you are also able to create “blocked date” so that the team cannot request any time off over that period. Utilising the teams function broadens your horizon when CakeHR whilst maintaining the privacy of the employees and reduces overwhelming towards employees and managers.

How to Split Employees in to Teams

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