How to Upload and Share Documents

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The idea behind CakeHR is not just about managing the leave of your employees but to manage efficiency in the workplace.

I remember having to trawl through endless folders on the hard drive of my computer to get the right document to the right employee which felt very time consuming and tedious.

By using CakeHR, you can use our document uploading and sharing feature. As with everything on CakeHR, there is little setup. Simply sign in and, on the dashboard, head to the Documents tab. You can add a new document and assign its visibility to individual employees or everybody to see. Before saving, you can also add comments to the document because, sometimes, the filename of a document just doesn’t quite cut it. Upload and share documents with CakeHR is easy.

How to Upload and Share Documents

Employees will find these documents shared to them within their profile when they log in and be able to download the file with one click.

How to Upload and Share Documents

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