CakeHR listed as a HR category leader for Q4, 2017 by GetApp

We’re Top 10 Again! But Happier to be Consistent…. Kudos to our team and our customers for repeating the feat.

Yes, it is definitely cause enough to crack open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate.

But more gratifying is our continued presence in the listing.

The professional business software evaluation platform GetApp is easily considered one of the most reliable in the market.

Every quarter it releases a compilation of 25 industry leaders from various app categories to help users make informed purchase decisions.

Your favourite HR solution – CakeHR – is among the top 10 HR applications for Q4, 2017.

Top Human Resources (HR) Software 2016 | GetApp

How’s that for commitment to quality?

200,000 Reviews & 6000 Apps – That’s GetApp for You

A GetApp nod is always special. Why?

Because the competition is intense and the process of leader selection is absolutely unbiased.

GetApp is home to over 200,000 verified user reviews for 6000 apps in 12 broad categories.

And it is respected the world over as a portal that lets prospective buyers choose best-fit solutions for their businesses based on criteria like budget, feature requirements and desired app performance.

Only the very best make the cut.

GetApp’s Exacting Standards

Our satisfaction in being top 10 for Q4 and proving that our presence is well deserved becomes apparent once you take a look at the exhaustive scoring process.

GetApp considers the following factors to identify apps that are changing the game and doing more for their customers:

1# User Reviews

This is the backbone of the potential out of 100 score. GetApp not only analyses reviews on its own site, it also checks the performance of the app on sister platforms like Capterra and Software Advice. The result? Elimination of the possibility of ranking solutions or brands that focus on only one review portal through tactics like incentives, while disregarding others.

The total number of reviews, recency and average rating – all play an important part. Apps can get a maximum of 10 points for reviews written in the past 6 months, with 6 being awarded for reviews received over 6 to 12 months and 4 points for reviews that are more than a year old.

GetApp clearly favours organic evangelism.

2# Integrations

In the age of Big Data, an app that is closed off from integrating with other solutions doesn’t serve user interest.

GetApp scores applications a maximum of 16 points for the total number of seamless integrations with related tools. It also reserves 4 points for superior Zapier compatibility and 1 point for having an open API that encourages custom solutions.

 3# Mobile Platforms

Checking data on the go is a mandate for most category apps, especially so for HR. 

GetApp awards solutions 5 points apiece for having fully functional Android and iOS applications. Additional points are reserved for user reviews on the corresponding app stores and the net score is scaled to contribute 20 total points to the reckoning.

4# Media Presence

Cultivating a social media reputation is hard-work and GetApp appreciates the effort!

It reserves 15 points for the combined number of social fans and followers a solution has scaled against the category average and 5 additional points for how the app performs in this regard against category leaders.

5# Security

Cloud applications need to go that extra mile if they wish to come across as secure, robust options for enterprise data.

GetApp respects this sentiment. 15 out of the 20 points allotted for security come from a vendor completed survey that has questions based on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form as part of the Security, Trust & Assurance Registry.

The remaining 5 points are awarded for additional security certifications and measures.

Each criterion contributes 20 points for a grand total of a 100. Yes, it’s quite the score-card.

In the event of a tie, security acts as the breaker followed by reviews, integrations, mobile platforms and media presence.

What Does CakeHR’s Winning Streak Mean?

CakeHR has risen to the occasion repeatedly – against stiffening competition to always emerge as a HR app industry leader.

Our dedication isn’t waning.

Our features are becoming more efficient and on-point.

Our users are choosing to stay on and spread the word about the CakeHR experience.

And we are squarely on top of pressing concerns like, “Will my enterprise talent data be safe in your servers?”

Reviews don’t come easy and maintaining a repository of recent reviews is even more challenging.

But the perks of using CakeHR – which include 24*7 gold standard support, the flexibility to customize each module that comes out of the box for a fully personalized HR set-up and a low adoption barrier thanks to the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution – are compelling enough to generate a steady stream of approbation.

Want to pitch in? You can review us here and here.

CakeHR gets it – and will continue to make Human Resources simple for its customers.


Real time data sharing and faultless syncing make CakeHR the app of choice for geographically distributed teams.

We integrate with the G suite and the Facebook of enterprise teams – Slack – for true collaboration. Data pushed to MS Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to meetings or resource availability.

Mobile Platform:

CakeHR boasts wonderfully sleek and intuitive apps for both Android and iOS.

Our users can securely access customer data, view organizational charts and stay productive on the go.

Media Presence:

A content driven, customer first approach has allowed us to expand our reach on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and SlideShare.

Thanks to regular posts on thought leadership topics and truly actionable advice, we are one of the “Best HR Blogs to Follow


We facilitate data backup in multiple geo-locations with support for audit logs, encryption and security alerts. Role based access controls and strong password policies allow only authorized users to peruse and manipulate sensitive company information.

Further there’s encryption for data at rest and HTTPS for all pages.

* * *

Mentions are nice to have. They validate our perseverance. But the end goal was and will always be making HR more human.

Here’s to another year with our valued customers and more milestones to rejoice about 🙂


Written By

Norberts Erts

HR Degen and Product Marketing Manager at Sage. Former Co-founder of HR software company CakeHR (acquired by The Sage Group plc in 2019). Keep a sharp eye on HR, marketing, business, finance, science, technology, and the connections between them.