HR Gurus for Q1 2019: The A-Z of Human Resources Experts This Quarter [Infographic]

We are back with our popular A-Z list of HR Gurus and have a very well-rounded, diverse and inclusive mix of people, expertise and skills to show you

We showcased some great HR experts across 2018 in our quarterly A-Z lists and also engaged with a number of our readers that highlighted HR expert’s within their own networks who had not appeared on our radar yet.  So we are thankful for the feedback and excited to share some new names with you all.

Our multifaceted HR experts include professors, a global inclusion director, diversity specialists, culture transformation advisors, masters of advanced statistics, HR trend hunters, inclusive environment builders and even a stand up comedian who has used stories from his long career in HR as a way to spread humour!

Although our Q1 2019 list of A-Z HR Gurus is heavily UK based, we still have experts from all across the globe; Israel, USA, Macedonia, Russia, Latvia, China, South America, Switzerland and India, all of which collectively bring a strong focus on Diversity and Inclusion.

Corporate diversity and inclusion continues to be such a huge topic at the moment, following  #metoo, #timesup, #blacklivesmatter and a very eye-opening speech by Frances McDormand at the Oscars last year.  People began to really take notice and these movements opened up many political conversations about inequality and fairness at work, which companies then started to take on-board.

Companies that have more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenue due to innovation. This finding is huge for tech companies, start-ups, and industry where innovation is the key to growth. It shows that diversity is not just a metric to be strived for, it is actually an integral part of a successful revenue generating business. – Dr. Anna Powers

There is plenty of research that supports the fact that diverse and inclusive teams and organisations do well.  There are overall improved business outcomes as part of the employee experience and HR can help support the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion across the workforce.

Companies with the most ethnically/culturally diverse boards worldwide are 43% more likely to experience higher profits. McKinsey & Company

Our A-Z list of HR experts have been collated to easily direct our readers to accessible advice and guidance on topics that are relevant in the HR field.  As diversity and inclusion is still an area that requires ongoing improvement, it’s important to highlight how other Human Resources professionals are tackling these issues.

So if you are looking to develop or improve an existing diversity and inclusion strategy across your company, take a look through our list of HR experts to gather some tips on best practices and findings.  

We always provide links to our gurus’ LinkedIn pages (found below), so you can keep up to date with the online publications they share, articles they write, speaking events they attend or initiatives they are pushing within their own places of work.

HR Gurus for Q1 2019: The A-Z of Human Resources Experts This Quarter [Infographic] cakehr
HR Gurus for Q1 2019: The A-Z of Human Resources Experts This Quarter Infographic

Linkedin logo Karen Azulai, Co-founder, |Advisor, HR Tech startups | Keynote speaker | Mentor @akt Labs |Advanced Sourcing trainer

Linkedin logo Bill Boorman, Advisor to start ups, VC’s. Strategy for to hiring teams. Stand up comedy.Experienced conference speaker and emcee

Linkedin logo Andy Charlwood, Professor of HRM, University of Leeds

Linkedin logo Swati Chawla, Director, Organisation Effectiveness, Global at Philip Morris International

Linkedin logo Nigel Dias, HR & People Analytics / People Transformations / Tech Ecosystems

Linkedin logo Angel Enriquez (she/her), Sr. Manager Diversity & Inclusion at Amazon

Linkedin logo Barry Flack, Digital HR & Recruitment Solutions | HR Tech Advisor | People & Culture Consultant | Speaker | Blogge

Linkedin logo Jan Gooding, Partner at Jericho Chambers

Linkedin logo Cara Hurt, Recruitment Consultant at Unity Recruitment Ltd

Linkedin logo Susan P (Plummer) Joyce, MBA, Online Job Search Expert ❃ Personal SEO Researcher, Trainer, Writer ❃ Own 2 FORBES 100 Best Career Sites ❃ USMC Veteran

Linkedin logo Raghu Krishnamoorthy, Global CHRO, speaker and thought leader

Linkedin logo Hristina Lozanoska, Executive Coach/ Founder@VITA INSTITUT for management consulting and coaching/HR Mentor

Linkedin logo Alexey Mitkin ✔, Online Publisher and Entrepreneur

Linkedin logo Leena Nair, LinkedIn Top Voice 2018 | Chief HR Officer at Unilever

Linkedin logo Suzanna Oganyan, Talent Sourcing – ABB Europe

Linkedin logo Lucas Parisi (Hiring), Co-construindo com RHs indicadores bizarros (e +inteligentes), unindo Psicologia Organizacional e Ciência de Dados.

Linkedin logo Luis Enrique Hoschild Miró Quesada, Director en Head Hunters International

Linkedin logo Richard Rosenow, People Analytics at Facebook

Linkedin logo Luk Smeyers, People Analytics Leader at Deloitte Consulting

Linkedin logo Kashish Thakur, HR Talent Acquisition at Deloitte

Linkedin logo Amrrut Urrkude – SAP IT CIO DIGITAL TRANSFORMER HR, 22+Years Exp in IT,SAP & Corporate HR at Manufacturing & IT industries. Qualified with MBA,CIO,ITIL, IT & Elect. Engg.

Linkedin logo Gunita (Pūsilde) Vilmane, HR Professional

Linkedin logo Ahana Walia, Lead Recruiter at Google

Linkedin logo Daisy Xiao, Recruiter at Tesla Motors China 特斯拉中国

Linkedin logo Vikas Yadav, HR Business Partner

Linkedin logo Yueting Zhou, COO, SAP Labs China

Hopefully we will continue to see statistics improve on diversity and inclusion rates across organisations as the year moves on.  

And as always, please get in touch if there are any HR expert’s you believe should be included within our next Q2 feature.


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Schneider-Electric really means it. Read the company’s manifesto to diversity, it’s truly inspiring!

Globalization Means Diversity, Inclusion, and Localization By Nature
Globalization Means Diversity, Inclusion, and Localization By Nature

This means diversity and inclusion is now core to Schneider’s strategy. The company can no longer tolerate a “French-led” leadership team, or any forms of bias, discrimination, or non-inclusive thinking in its strategy. And as a result, Schneider is now truly what we call a “social enterprise.”

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