45 HR Trends and Predictions to Watch Out For in 2019

The HR is changing again but the goal remains the same: to help businesses succeed.

The Human Resource industry has gone through massive evolutions over the past decades. And 2019 will be another big year for the HR.

There will be a renewed focus on employee productivity and well-being, and the rise of AI-driven HR tech will make the HR more agile and efficient.

Below are the 2019 HR trends and predictions we’ve compiled from all over the Internet.

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G2 Crowd

HR Trends: 5 Major Human Resource Innovations in 2019 cakehr
HR Trends: 5 Major Human Resource Innovations in 2019

G2 Crowd provides real-time and unbiased user reviews of business solutions. They are committed to helping business owners become more confident in buying software solutions that will push their business forward. Below are their HR predictions for 2019.

#1. Increased focus on employee engagement

G2 Crowd predicts that businesses will increase their employee engagement spending by 45% in 2019. We all know that when employee engagement is low, companies suffer. There are several solutions available including employee recognition, promoting wellness, career development, and continual education.

#2. Use of technology to remove unconscious bias from hiring

This prediction is based on the renewed focus on diversity in the workplace. Diverse organizations work better. The only challenge is that most of the time, HR personnel have unconscious biases in terms of gender, race, nationality, etc. To bridge this gap, G2 Crowd predicts that companies will increase their use of technology to remove hiring biases by 30% in 2019.

#3. Interactive sexual harassment training

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a major problem. And now, companies are taking action to mitigate it. G2 Crowd sees the solution in Virtual Reality (VR) which provides a fully interactive and immersive sexual harassment training. In 2019, VR-based sexual harassment training will increase by 15% and as a result, sexual harassment cases are expected to drop.

#4. Corporate wellness initiatives

Corporate wellness initiatives focusing on financial, physical, and mental health are expected to rise by 40% in 2019. These solutions are designed to boost employee morale and improve productivity.

#5. Use of Artificial Intelligence in HR

HR continues to improve. And in 2019, G2 Crowd predicts that AI-driven HR tech will increase by 35%. This is mostly thanks to the positive developments in machine learning and the renewed focus to put HR in a more active role in the workplace.

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HR Trend Institute

10 inspiring HR Trends for 2019 cakehr
10 inspiring HR Trends for 2019

The HR Trend Institute detects, follows, and shares trends in the HR industry. Part of their commitment is to help clients gain better insights and become great leaders in their business. Below are their HR predictions for 2019

#6. Personalization

For decades, HR has always practised the “one size fits all” approach to employee management. This 2019 will be different as the focus shifts to answering individual needs. We’ve seen personalization changed our cubicles to open floor spaces and it’s only a matter of time for HR to finally catch up.

#7. The trust issue

A recent survey conducted by Ernst & Young shows that less than half of employees have “a great deal of trust” in their current employers. This is alarming as most HR initiatives are designed based on the assumption that employees trust the companies which they are working in.

#8. Development as a service

Unlike in sports, development as a service is almost non-existent in the business arena. Although there are some C-level executives who hire coaches to help them become better managers and leaders, we are yet to see data-driven “development as a service” being offered to everyone across the board.

#9. Erosion of the employee experience

According to HR Trend Institute, the concept of “employee experience” is more of a hype designed to please bosses than employees. This 2019, we will see employee experience erode into a consultancy-led framework that has no real focus on the employee.

#10. No more paternalism

Paternalism refers to the practice of limiting a person’s autonomy in the workplace. One of the best examples of this is workplace coaching, where in reality, managers are not really good coaches. Hopefully, in 2019, we will see fewer programs forcing people to do things they don’t like or not very good at.

#11. People analytics

Under people analytics, the benefits of the individual employee get less attention as managers scramble to reduce staff turnovers and boost productivity. We hope this will not be the case for 2019. We’re looking forward to a change where a leaving employee can take his data file with him to use for his own benefit rather than that of the company he worked for.

#12. Less is equal to more

The HR is doing too much. It’s time for HR to develop impactful solutions, with less effort.

#13. Big is equal to beautiful

Gone are the days where we are sceptical about the ability of big industry leaders to incorporate new technologies. In fact, we are hoping that they’ll be able to buy the innovative small players in HR tech to hasten the digital transformation of the HR.

#14. HR innovation labs

Installing HR Innovation Labs in big innovative organizations is a good development. HR tech providers can greatly benefit from the experience they’ll get from working with sophisticated clients.

#15. HR is about people

At the end of the day, HR is about people – no matter how much data we collect and study. Human behaviour is not easy to predict. And this will continue to drive innovations among HR tech providers and the management.

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David Green

The Human Touch: 10 Predictions for HR in 2019 cakehr
The Human Touch: 10 Predictions for HR in 2019

David Green is a globally respected consultant in data-driven HR and people analytics. He helps organizations, leaders, and HR practitioners, leverage data and analytical thinking to improve performance and create better employee experience in the workplace. Below are his HR predictions:

#16. The human touch

AI will revolutionize the way we work. And contrary to popular belief, it will create more jobs that it will replace. While AI is working on repetitive and routine tasks, we will have more time in our hands to be more creative and impactful.

#17. The rise of social capital

There will be a lot of focus on social capital — maximizing the value of how individuals and teams are linked together in the organization. This movement is spearheaded by companies that use Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to highlight key influencers, identify burnout risks, and map out relationships, among others.

#18. Behavioural economics entering the HR

This year, we should expect companies like Google focus more on researching the impact of behaviour in employees.

#19. Focus on skills intensifies

Companies are becoming more agile. By 2020, segmentation by skill set will triple in organizations. This year will play a pivotal role as HR leaders, people analytic teams, and software vendors set the stage for this significant shift.

#20. A revolution in HR skills

The HR is undergoing through unprecedented changes. Don’t be surprised to see an increased demand for skills like Digital HR, design thinking, strategic workplace planning, agile working, and diversity and inclusion.

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Josh Bersin

HR Technology 2019: A Wild New World cakehr
HR Technology 2019: A Wild New World

Josh Bersin is the principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte. Below are his predictions for 2019:

#21. The accelerated pace of core HR technology market

Big players are now jumping into the HR tech. Since 2009, $16 billion dollars have been invested in the HR tech and this is expected to rise as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Oracle, and even Facebook are building their own HR technology.

#22. A new marketplace of new talent management software

As unemployment hits a record low, the need for software focusing on employee productivity, engagement, and development is on the rise. New models of managing thinking are also starting to surface and for this year, going forward, we will see a shift of focus from teams to communities.

#23. The well-being market exploded

There will be an increased demand for well-being in the workplace. Since the 2008 recession, Google search trends for wellbeing is continually on the rise.

#24. Engagement, pulse, and culture platforms grow

Employee engagement 3.0 is coming. Real-time feedbacks become even more important as AI-based augmented analytics take the spotlight.

#25. An exciting new generation of learning platforms

The demand for soft and tech skills is on the rise. Management, sales, communication, and marketing are among the most in-demand skills today. On the capability side, we have adaptability, culture fit, and collaboration, to name a few. Reskilling prompts massive growth in micro-learning.

#26. New tools for the employee experience

Productivity HR is gaining momentum as focus on employee experience intensifies. Employee experience tools expand from managed services and self-service systems to automated services — mostly thanks to AI.

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Looking Forward to 2019 HR Trends cakehr
Looking Forward to 2019 HR Trends

Spark is powered by ADP, a company with a strong history of providing solutions for HR. ADP is one of the leaders in business outsourcing services, compliance expertise, and analytics. Check out their HR predictions for 2019 below:

#27. Give managers the data they need

The management is usually busy running the organization. Most managers will have little to no time to analyze the data. Data-driven HR should take a proactive approach in giving managers the data they need in order to make informed, data-driven decisions for the company.

#28. Use data for innovation and growth

Data is king. Collecting and analyzing data should be one of your organization’s top priorities for 2019. This practice will help you gain insight and confidence in making informed decisions that will benefit your employees and the company’s bottom line.

#29. Diversity will continue to be a strong focus

Recruiters will continue to put emphasis on creating and retaining a diverse workforce. A business that wants to sell products or provide services to a diverse market will need to foster a diverse workforce who can relate to the target consumers.

#30. Bots in recruiting

Recruiting is all about building a relationship between candidates and the business. While its fundamental role remains the same, some of its functions will be taken over by bots. For example, chatbots answering new hire questions and assisting in the onboarding process.

#31. Gig economy will continue to thrive

The gig economy is still going strong. But this is not (yet) the future of work. In fact, there are companies that want to turn their gig workers into regular employees.

#32. Smartphones becoming a business need

Smartphones are becoming more sophisticated and powerful. And as a result, our reliance on them continue to increase. Smartphone apps allowing mobile payments for payroll, benefits monitoring, scheduling, etc. will continue to thrive.

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HR Grapevine

Be ready for the New Year with these HR trends to watch cakehr
Be ready for the New Year with these HR trends to watch

HR Grapevine is one of the leading only publishers for HR. Most of the contents they publish focus on Learning and Development, Resourcing, Compensation and Benefits, and HR Management. Below are their HR predictions for 2019:

#33. AI integration with technology

The use of robotics and automation to handle routine and repetitive HR tasks will be a highlight for 2019. AI will help the HR streamline its processes so that the HR people can focus on more human-centric tasks.

#34. People experience

One of the key trends for 2019 will be the focus on people experience — especially in creating an employee brand story that attracts people to want to come and work for your company.

#35. Attracting and recruiting the best talent

Talent is key to your company’s success. And the war for talent rages on this 2019. Attracting and recruiting the best talent wherever they may come from and building a growing network across the globe is crucial.

#36. Train people into new roles

Recruitment for 2019 is going to be more challenging. And with the already significant issue of skill shortages, companies should start looking into developing and training people into new roles.

#37. Driving engagement through employee recognition

Employee recognition will become a strategic driver in engaging employees. It’s a powerful tool that can be linked to talent acquisition and employee value proposition.

#38. Digitalization of the hiring process

The labour market is tightening and finding people with the right skills sets are getting harder and harder. Digitalization of the hiring and talent acquisition process will remove the barriers of traditional methods.

#39. Treating employees as consumers of the business

Treating employees like consumers will be instrumental in creating a more employee-centric workplace. One of the ways you can put this into practice is in terms of rewards and benefits. Start by identifying what rewards are relevant to individuals and how your employees can access them.

#40. Workforce agility and flexibility

Work-life balance is important. Although not formally, employees are asking for flexible approaches that will allow them to fulfill their roles around other things like supporting different challenges in their life.

#41. Growth and evolution of leadership

There will always be challenges. Notions like “what is the future of work?” should drive companies to invest in the continued growth and evolution of its leaders.

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Recruiting Daily

What HR tech trends will we be discussing in summer 2019? cakehr
What HR tech trends will we be discussing in summer 2019?

Recruiting Daily is one of the leaders in HR communities providing meaningful HR news and tips without compromise. Read their 2019 HR predictions below:

#42. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not replacing the jobs of the HR (or anywhere). It is designed to improve every aspect of Human Capital Management by allowing business leaders to use in-depth workforce data in redefining employee experience.

#43. Analytics

With the rise of AI comes advance analytics. AI can help organizations transition from operational reporting to predictive reporting where massive amounts of data allow computers to predict metrics like performance potential. Predictions also improve real time. Thanks to machine learning.

#44. Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing solutions are speaking our language — not just translating it. And it can also be programmed to recognize human emotions. One of the applications of NLP is in open-ended surveys where leaders can discern what their employees are feeling in an unbiased way.

#45. Virtual Reality

One of the applications of VR in corporate training is teaching employees how to handle crucial scenarios in an interactive and fully-immersive way. Situations may range from handling sexual harassment or dealing with a Black Friday crowd to containing hazardous substances in the workplace.

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Technology will have a significant impact on the HR this 2019 and onwards. And big data analytics will play a crucial role in making business decisions. The HR of the future is heading towards a more employee-centric organization.

It’s an exciting change and we still have the rest of the year to see it unfold!


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