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CakeHR has launched cooperation with HR Podcast, Latvia's first podcast on HR management issues.

We are pleased to announce that we have started a new and unique collaboration with Ilze Indrēvica, the first and only HR management podcast author in Latvia, in support of her and her project.

Her new project HR Podcast is a great resource for all HR management professionals and enthusiasts who want to know about advanced, topical, and most important issues in HR management.

Is there a trend for remote work options? Or is it a signal to the employer that youneed to change? Why the strong burn out more often, why internal communication is key to the recruitment and involvement of employees …

From this spring, HR Podcast listeners can get to know the opinions of top-tier experts on a wide range of topicalities and challenges in Latvia and elsewhere. The goal of the podcast is to reach the ears of every person involved in HR management, because every business starts with a person. HR Podcast is aimed at all kinds of managers and HR specialists, just like CakeHR.

lze Indrēvica has a account Your daily source in Leadership, Career development, People management in organisations | Host @ HR PODCAST
Ilze Indrēvica – your daily source in Leadership, Career development, People management in organisations | Host @ HR PODCAST

“Our philosophy is to keep pace with current trends in HR management and to be a convenient solution for those who care about productivity.  In view of this, our prospective cooperation with Ilze Indrēvica, a professional with a clear and progressive outlook on the sphere of HR management now and in the future, was natural and logical. And we are truly proud of it.” Kaspars Upmanis, CEO of CakeHR

Ilze’s career has evolved in adult development and education, working with the professional development of company employees and managers, as well as advising people individually on their career strategy for over 10 years in Swedbank and one year in the Luminor personnel department, leading and implementing leadership strategy and supporting individual and team development. To many, working for Personnel Management might seem less interesting, but Ilze lives with the confidence that it is one of the most important functions in a company. How well we manage and support people in the organization is reflected in business results and relationships with customers.

“HR Podcast emerged as the next step in my professional development as an idea to continue the work and offer more opportunities for HR managers, not only to participate physically in seminars but to also meet experts and receive support for the development of the company in digital format. My mission is to share the knowledge and experience that I have and to provide opportunities for others. I am happy to cooperate with CakeHR because their values are in harmony with mine – to share knowledge and to educate, to think one step ahead and not be afraid to try out new things. Like many novelties, my podcast is like experimenting and learning, so I’m glad we can do it together.” Ilze Indrēvica, author of HR Podcast.

 We first met Ilze two years ago when we worked together to create Smart HR. Today Smart HR is a movement, a progressive forum that provides space for the development of HR management competence in Latvia. It is a place to come to learn, share experiences and bring these experiences into companies. Our partnership in Smart HR is now complemented with the new HR Podcast collaboration.

Smart HR Academy in Riga, Latvia
Smart HR Academy in Riga, Latvia

“On a daily basis, our team is working to improve CakeHR’s human resources management digital tool. We are not improving our software just for the sake of it. It simply is today’s reality. The field of HR is developing and changing very dynamically. The labour market, the habits of employees and employers as well as business models are constantly changing. That’s why we collaborate with such top tier experts in the field of HR as Ilze Indrēviča to work more efficiently and make our tool an excellent assistant for companies dealing with personnel management issues.” Kaspars Upmanis, CakeHR manager.

You can listen Ilze’s podcasts in Latvian🇱🇻 language here:

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HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources

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