Human Resource’s Gurus: Picking HR’s Ultimate A-Z Team

Here we have compiled an A-Z list of HR guru’s to help you discover which influencers you really should be following right now

Our aim at CakeHR is to keep you up to date with who’s who in the world of Human Resources based on information gathered from the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter.

It is always good to follow other experts in the Human Resources field and get inspired by new ideas whilst also keeping up to date with current real-time changes in HR trends and legislation.

The list of HR leaders and influencers that we have chosen, all have a vast background in Human Resources or promote innovative ways in how they operate HR within their business, so much so that they now have a large following from other HR professionals.

So take time to look at all of the HR leaders we have listed below; we have even added links to their LinkedIn profiles to enable you to follow them for yourselves.

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softwareadvice FrontRunner HRIS HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources

We will be revisiting the list of top HR influencers every quarter, so make sure you come back to find out about any HR new-comers that you need to be made aware of!

Human Resources Guru’s: Picking HR’s Ultimate A-Z Team

Linkedin logo Jason Averbook:  CEO and Co-Founder at LeapGen

Linkedin logo Laszlo Bock:  CEO and Co-Founder of Humu. Former SVP of People Operations at Google. Author of “Work Rules!”

Linkedin logo Colin Campbell-Austin:  Co-Founder and Director of Diversity in Media Ltd

Linkedin logo Mervyn Dinnen:  HR and Talent Trends Analyst.  Author Exceptional Talent.  International Speaker and Content Marketing Strategist

Linkedin logo JP Elliott:  SVP, Human Resources – US at Brink’s

Linkedin logo Craig Fisher:  Marketing/Employer Branding Leader at Allegis Global Solutions RPO. Keynote Speaker. Founder of LinkedIn Training Dallas

Linkedin logo Gautam Ghosh:  Employer Branding and Social HR consultant

Linkedin logo Paul Hebert:  Senior Director, Solutions Architecture at Creative Group, Inc.  Co-Founder of the hugely popular HRPositive LinkedIn Group

Linkedin logo Jon Ingham:  HR/OD strategist. Author of the new book, ‘The Social Organization’

Linkedin logo Susan P Joyce:  Online Job Search Expert.  Owns 2 FORBES 100 Best Career Sites:,

Linkedin logo Rami Kantari:  Managing Director at HSpeakers

Linkedin logo Tom Laine:  Training LinkedIn.  Social Media Recruitment. Employer branding, personal branding, social selling and LinkedIn marketing

Linkedin logo Jennifer McClure:  Keynote Speaker.  Executive Coach.  President of Unbridled Talent LLC and CEO of DisruptHR LLC

Linkedin logo Conor Neill:  President, Vistage Spain and Lecturer at IESE Business School

Linkedin logo Szebastian Onne:  Founder, ‘Almost Naked CEO’

Linkedin logo Jarret Pazahanick:  SAP HCM.  Payroll/Success Factors Consultant. SAP Mentor Alumni

Linkedin logo Quasar (Q) Hamirani: Human Resources Leader.  Business Partner.  Global HR Operations

Linkedin logo Jeremy Roberts:  VP, Customer Experience at HiringSolved

Linkedin logo Tim Sackett:  President at HRU Technical Resources

Linkedin logo William Tincup:  President at

Linkedin logo Dave Ulrich:  Speaker, Author, Professor, HR & Leadership Guru

Linkedin logo Bill Vick:  Big Biller Coaching showing the Tools, Techniques and Tactics for good recruiters to become great recruiters

Linkedin logo Jeff Waldman:  Social Media.  HR.  Social HR.  Employer Branding.  SocialHRCamp.  Social Recruiting.  Blogging.  DisruptHR.

Linkedin logo Michell Xi:  Co-Founder and Senior Consultant at one professional Talent Hunting Company in SIP, Suzhou

Linkedin logo Sridhar Yeditha:  Vice President-Operations at Abner HR Consulting Services

Linkedin logo Stacy Donovan-Zapar:  Founder, Tenfold and The Talent Agency


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HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
softwareadvice FrontRunner HRIS HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
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