An Infographic Suggests Strategies for Bouncing Back After a Layoff

Delivering the news of a layoff

Laying people off is one of the most difficult parts of being an HR representative. You have to be the agent that relays some of the most terrible news to unsuspecting employees. The responsibility of this can feel crushing at times.

That is why it is absolutely necessary, both for your well being and that of the person losing their job, that when you begin the very hard conversation, you have a clear plan of action that includes resources and action steps for the person receiving the bad news.

If you’ve recently been laid off by your company, there’s a good chance you aren’t sure what your next move is

Turbo recently put together a handy infographic that outlines some strategies, both personal and career-based, that are useful pieces of information to convey to someone losing their job.

Personal Advice

The overall advice includes giving oneself the permission to “grieve” for a job, and not feeling the need to immediately face the slog of finding the next position.

By allowing this time to decompress, it is more possible to reach an acceptance stage that promotes more mindful assessment of the situation.

Practical Career Advice

Then advice wants to strategic rather than esoteric. For example, encouraging those losing a job to assess finances is important, but more crucial is giving them tools to see what they can do to potentially freeze their debt when they are out of work.

By providing answers to next steps, rather than just laying down the ax, an HR representative really has the chance to show those they have to lay off how the loss of a job can be as much a new opportunity as it is a burden.

See the infographic below for more tips and strategies you can give to those that are losing their job!

12 Ways to Bounce Back From a Layoff
12 Ways to Bounce Back From a Layoff

Safiyyah writes on behalf of Turbo with a focus on helping people feel empowered through a deeper understanding of everything from productivity to maximizing financial health.

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