Introducing: CakeHR + Slack Integration for Leave Management

Increase your employee time off efficiency with CakeHR’s new Slack integration

At CakeHR, we have always been about ensuring that your HR is simplified and, well, we do this well! What we love is being able to take any SMB and turn their lives and business around by increasing their efficiency, decreasing costs and centralising your HR processes in one slick solution.

There is a saying in Latvian (homeland of our founder, Kaspars Upmanis), “A home is never finished” and we like to take this saying and let it influence our daily lives at the CakeHR office.

In fact, CakeHR is so not finished that we invite everybody to join in!

Part of the ongoing process of never finishing is updating our most beloved features and it comes with great joy for me to announce our closer integration with Slack.

What can we say about Slack that has not already been said? Well…

Integrating CakeHR for Slack is a great way of receiving desktop notifications of who is off and when ahead of the working day .

Firstly, we recommend that you create a new channel in Slack. Relate it with CakeHR or daily time off – this is to help you to avoid your notifications being lost between your other Slack messages.

How to Integrate

You can integrate your CakeHR Slackbot for free! Simply head to your CakeHR Settings page and follow the integrations link and instructions.

cakehr slack slackbot integration

Once activated, you can then link each CakeHR account with the correct Slack account (don’t worry, we use their email address to ease this process) and you’re good to go!

cakehr slack slackbot integration

Add the @cakehrbot to any Slack channel and receive daily notifications within.

cakehr slack slackbot integration

CakeHR eliminates the need for paperwork and spreadsheets through automating employee leave requests. Complete with a centralised database, employee onboarding tasks and much more, it is the perfect tool for SMEs to increase their HR and office management efficiency.

  • Automate leave requests through employee self-service
  • Real-time notifications, updates and sync to Email, Google, iCal & Outlook
  • Dedicated iOS & Android apps – perfect when on-the-go
  • Run powerful reports and export data.

With the CakeHR & Slack integration, know who is out of office ahead of the office being open with real-time updates through the day.

Learn more at Slack App Directory!


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Written By

Lee Francis Chapman

Head of happiness @CakeHR. HR tech, SaaS guru with passion for H2H - Human 2 Human & Success As A Service.