Killer Tech Startups – Top5 names and their game

Entrepreneurial activity has shown positive trends worldwide. We bring you the best five in tech startup segment that deliver new to the market in their own disruptively unique way!

As per the GEM global report, each year there are approximately 133 million startups that get to taste success because of the strong product or generous funding.

Tech Startups that bring new technology in market or present the old technology in new ways form about 1.35% of this annual number.

This means there are about 1.78M tech startups sprouting annually with a hope to revolutionize the world.

The overwhelming number gives us good reason to scrape the surface and unearth killer tech startups that serve as model for others to follow.

There’re 1.78M tech startups sprouting annually with a hope to revolutionize the world

Startups are hard. Tech Startups even more so! It is easy to fail and lose track.

The companies that have shown persistence, creativity and faith in their product/service have sooner or later became successful.

As Anthony Volodkin, Founder, Hype Machine puts it “Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.”

The best tech startups seem to understand this notion pretty well.

Ingredients that shape up Killer Tech Startups

The choice of tech startups that are nailing it might be debatable based on individual preferences and experiences. However, a common thread runs along all of them.

This thread is dipped and dyed into the following list of ingredients:


Smart startups understand when their audience is ready for what they have to offer. Remember Airbnb? It was launched during recession when people needed extra cash. Same thing happened with Uber, where drivers were searching for ways to supplement their income


Startups set for success always bank on their people who are ready to adapt, deal with tough customers and recover from setbacks. Those who fail are the ones that micromanage people, rather than processes.

Business Model and Responsibilities

Killer Tech Startups infuse fluidity and overlaps among the roles and responsibilities of its team. Ignoring seemingly boring business processes and details can hamper the scalability and success.

Ideas and Funding 

Ideas that excite teams and customers alike help to win market share and attract funds for future ideas. Investor funds though not critically important after the maturity stage, keep the company morale high during the early stages.

Top 5 Tech Startups  – Names that promise real breakthrough

The world of technology is blessed to have a fair share of startups devoting their investments and knowledge for building a better tomorrow. While the list may be positioned as researched guesses, it sure includes names that have already got everyone talking with their ability to shake things up, for the good.

1) Navdy

navdy startup

Headquarters: San Francisco

Tech Highlight: Revolutionizing the way people drive by giving them magic like futuristic feel

What it is: Navdy is the coolest driving companion one can ever have. Founded by Doug Simpson in 2013, Navdy came up with Head-Up Display (HUD) that projects navigation map on your car dashboard screen so that your eyes always keep looking forward. The magic screen pairs up wirelessly to phone devices and lets you manage your favorite app notifications that you read and respond without compromising on the safety department.

The notifications can be swiped right/left to accept/dismiss call or notification with added support of voice command. The tech goodie makes sure you don’t lose out on the entertainment by syncing with your favorite music apps.

2) Number26

number26 startup

Headquarters: Germany

Tech Highlight: Reinventing traditional banking experience for Europe based customers

What it is: Commercial Banks in Europe pose a great pain for customers involving a series of appointments, documents, and forms to just open a simple bank account. That’s where Number26, a fin-tech startup enters into the picture. Number26 allows its users to sign up and open account under 8 minutes with video calling facility for identity verification. Visiting post office becomes a passé with this app.

But isn’t this what any other banking app would provide? Probably yes. But Number26 wins with its impeccable and beautiful user experience, real time reflection of transactions, block/unblock feature for cards, temporary lock time for ATM cards, and reviewing money spent at a restaurant/clothing store (just like Mint in US & Canada).

3) miPic

mipic startup

Headquarters: London

Tech Highlight: Turn your gallery and social media images into hard cash – For FREE

What it is: This has to be dream come true. If you always thought to monetize your designs, photos or art, here is your deserving chance. Carl Thomas, the founder and CEO of miPic believes that the startup allows people to realize tangible benefit by getting rewarded for their creativity right away. Since its launch the app has been downloaded by “mobile artists” the world over in more than 71 countries and generated crowd-funding amounting to approx. £250,000 in the last year.

The web version splits users into ‘sellers’ and ‘creators’. The former allows users to upload images, be they photographs, patterns or anything else – as long they own the copyright to them. Creators meanwhile can browse uploaded images and then print them on to t-shirts, leggings, framed art, tote bags, wallpapers or even flip-flops and earn 20% commission from public sale.

4) ClassPass

classpass killer startup

Headquarters: New York, NY

Tech Highlight: Own up your fitness with flexible no-sweat online booking

What it is: ClassPass is an American fitness startup, founded by Payal Kadakia and Mary Biggins. The company offers a flat-rate monthly subscription service/pass to get access to participating fitness classes/studios in 30+ American cities, as well as in Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne and London.

ClassPass makes working out more engaging, accessible, and affordable, giving members unprecedented choice and flexibility by offering a diversity of options, including cycling, Pilates, yoga, boot camp, strength training, dance and more. All you need to do is log in, explore available options, book classes at different studios and enjoy the healthy you.

5) Operator

operator uber killer startup

Headquarters: San Francisco

Tech Highlight: Getting personalized service of expert virtual assistant to take care of your shopping needs

What it is: Operator is the brainchild of Uber co-founder – Garrett Camp that aims to combine the best of messaging, mobile and on-demand service. The app currently available for iPhone users where the moment you post your requirement, a human operator with face and name pops up on the chat window to serve as your “personal genie”. Whether its flowers, tickets, furniture or fashion, the operators do all the research and legwork to get the best deal.

Once you confirm the order, the operator places the order with necessary phone call and a sleek looking receipt right in the message thread. It is perfect for busy people who are willing to part with their money to save on time and hard work.

Following the stories of the above listed tech startups and many others in the market can serve as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs or those struggling to get things right with their startups. It’s just a matter of rolling up your sleeves and jumping into action.

Startups are tough and so are you!


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Killer Tech Startups

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