[NEW FEATURES!] Leave management, Performance, Timesheets, Scheduling & more!

List of things released and available to all customers who are using respective HR management software' modules

Two weeks of hard work has paid off with a really nice & solid product release covering all of our modules.

Below is a list of new features released today & available to all customers who are using respective CakeHR modules.


  • Search bar in header has been improved to find results faster & better
  • Recipes now has option to select an existing employee from the company instead of email address
  • Recipes now has new option to have triggers based on Expenses – approved/submitted/paid out triggers
  • Employee profile “Date of birth” field now shows the full years of age
  • Employee profile “Length of employment” field now shows the full years & months
  • Reports – Employee growth report now includes “Length of employment” column
  • Custom backgrounds – administrators can now upload a single image to use as a custom background which any employee in the company can use in addition to default pre-defined background options

Leave management

  • NEW FEATURE: Probation periods. This has been a much requested feature & it’s finally here – ability to define probation periods per policies. Probation periods can freeze policies as well as not allow employees to request time off from selected policy during probation period.
  • Settings – “Individual allowances” table now has sortable columns


  • Surveys – added PDF export to pie chart report
  • Surveys – filtered results (team, location) now reflects in PDF export
  • Surveys & Feedback – when deleting, a nice modal window appears explaining what will happen
  • Feedback – new companies now has a default set of categories/competencies already added
  • Goal profile – visual enhancement with rounded corners
  • Goal completion – “Comments” area now recognises line breaks correctly


  • NEW FEATURE: Timesheet periods. Timesheets can be used in three ways: weekly, bi-weekly & monthly. This setting impacts all timesheet areas – approval flows, reports, data export, so each company can adjust timesheet period to fit their internal workflows & policies.
  • Timesheet Excel export has coloured cells to reflect the colour of time off policy taken on that that


  • Schedule Excel export has coloured cells to reflect the colour of time off policy taken on that that


  • NEW FEATURE: “Automation” – allows to build completely automated onboarding task assigning based on pre-defined Workflows. This is first revision & further enhancements to come in next relesaes
  • Onboarding & offboarding emails now include the name of the person the task is about


  • Calendar feed now includes future events 9 months in the future

Release notes @ 15/03/2018


Written By

Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr