[NEW FEATURES!] Unpaid leave, Asset reports, Employees editing requests and awards!

Incase you missed out on the updates during October, here is a quick run-down with all the latest

The clocks go back but CakeHR keeps going forward!

This month we’re welcoming Sam Scott to the CakeHR team all the way from New York working the sales team. All those in recruiting will love to know we got a bit experimental with the hiring process. We all had fun and you will notice Sam inside the Intercom messenger.

Say hello to him! 🙂 

samuel scott cakehr
Samuel Scott

Incase you missed out on the updates during October, here is a quick run-down with all the latest.

Follow through right to the bottom and help us reach for the star awards in the SaaS market.

Fresh recipes!

1. Unpaid leave:

Whether an employee is heading out on a round-the-world trip or having their world changed with the birth of a child, we have now added a feature under each employee profile to set them on “Unpaid Leave”.

During this period of time, you can select which policies pro-rate their allowance in the unpaid leave period.

2. Employee editing time off:

Time and time again, your employees would reach out to us to ask how they can change their wrongly input request.

Now they can edit their requests from the profile that resends approving managers a new request for approval.

3. Asset export & widget:

We believe that your asset inventory is a really important factor and expense in the company.

To help you track and analyse this data, we’ve added the ability to export the current asset list as well as show you our first in-depth analysis in the

4. Fresh awards:

We’re proud to announce we are amongst the greatest! Firstly, we won the sought-after The Red Jackets award within the Baltics. This award is a recognition of businesses that export their brand throughout the world. Without your subscription, this would not be possible. Thank you!

cakehr the red jackets treasures of latvia
The Red Jackets (Treasures of Latvia)

Secondly, CakeHR has been shortlisted in the BoomSMB100 best software for businesses.

Lastly, we’d love your help answering 3 quick questions that will take 1 minute of your time to help us achieve 2017’s SaaS customer experience awards.


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Lee Francis Chapman

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