Top 3 Reasons Why Being an Office Worker Sucks [Video]

And why it’s important to follow your passion

Are you an office worker?

Do you feel unfulfilled in your career because it’s not connected to your passion?

Maybe it’s time to make some course adjustments my friend!

Money is powerful. It can build empires and destroy kingdoms. It can make people happy and it can make others feel miserable.

Today, it’s almost as if everyone equates happiness to money. Is it?

Jobs are getting scarce nowadays and many of us end up taking a job we don’t love because we need money.

Being an office worker on the first lap of your career is fine but it shouldn’t be something that you will do for the rest of your life.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should pursue your passions (and why being an office worker forever sucks).

1. YOLO (You Only Live Once:)

If given the chance to pursue a different career other than working for 8 hours every Monday to Friday, will you do it? Most people will say YES.

We only live once and sitting in an office from 9 to 5 is not the best way to enjoy life. If you decided to become an office worker just because of the money, think again.

2. Work is Forced upon You

The life of an office worker is filled with countless “HAVE TOs”

I have to wake up early so I will not get late.

I have to finish this report.

I have to attend this meeting.

When you value money over your passion, you’ll find that the work you are doing right now is an endless cycle of torment.

Because you are not passionate about it, the work you’re doing becomes taxing over time and you’ll find yourself hating it more and more every day.

3. Enjoy Life Early

Do you live to work? Or do you work to live? Many office workers feel that they must work hard so when they retire, they have all the money to spend and enjoy themselves.

Ponder this: Why spend the prime years of your life in misery if you can enjoy life early by following your passion?

Office Worker Matthieu Bessudo (aka McBess) is seen here on the right while that's the mug of Simon Landrein on the left.
Matthieu Bessudo (aka McBess) is seen here on the right while that’s the mug of Simon Landrein on the left

Take a look at the short clip below. It features an unfulfilled office worker who finds real happiness after putting on the new Ray-Ban Round —- kudos to Directors McBess and Simon of Passion Paris!

The lesson: There’s more to life than the confines of your office or cubicle. And like everyone else, you deserve to live and enjoy every second of it.


Written By

Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr