The Importance of Having Peers At Work [Infographic]

Friendships At the Workplace Make For Happy Employees

Research has proven that a corporate culture that encourages fun and fosters friendships is more likely to be productive and successful.

Jobs can be more satisfying and worthwhile when you’re working with friends at your side. But peers at work are much more than fun.

Friendships and camaraderie at work give individuals a common sense of purpose and loyalty, and teach them important lessons in teamwork and responsibility.

95% of us make friends at work

A simple survey by Globoforce, a leading organization in employee recognition, suggests that almost 95% of us make friends at work.

From those among us who do have office jobs, almost 91% spend more than 30 hours a week with our peers at work. Spending most of our workweek with our colleagues invariably leads to sharing some memorable moments and deep emotions with them.

73%  of employees who took the survey attest to having spent time laughing heartily with their colleagues, while 51% have found that their peers at work formed their supports system during hard times. Almost all individuals agree that they appreciate recognition and positive feedback from their colleagues.

91% spend more than 30 hours a week with our peers at work

Employees, however, strive for more than just recognition and appreciation for their work. While most of us may not feel the need to celebrate or even acknowledge milestone anniversaries, this is in fact the perfect occasion for companies to make their employees feel valued. The Globoforce survey suggests that 82% employees would feel more valued if their peers and supervisors congratulated them on their first milestone anniversary.

51% have found that their peers at work formed their supports system during hard times

Peers at work are important because they add meaning to our jobs. Here are some of the little ways in which our jobs can add meaning to our lives:

  • By rewarding us – Globoforce suggests that employees are likely to appreciate rewards in the form of cash, gifts or commemorative certificates
  • By having work friends and manager congratulate us on important milestones and achievements
  • By having peers at works with whom we can share memories and stories
  • By making us the guest of honor at work events
  • By being mentioned at events or meetings

Most organizations may not feel the need to celebrate milestones of every employee. However, milestones are a great way to remind your employees that they are cherished and to strengthen their commitment and engagement with the organization.

Moreover, celebrating milestone anniversaries are fun and a great way to remind your employees that a workplace can be lively and interesting, instead of boring and drab.

Wondering how you can create a positive workplace that fosters friendships and is a source of happiness for your employees? A useful advice by Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest might help.

In his words, “be clear in your mind on what you want the culture to be within your organization….model the culture: spend time with employees, treating people with respect, having fun, being there for them personally and professionally, and putting people first – with empathy, kindness, and compassion”.


Written By

Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr