Remote Working in a Crisis: A Workplace Toolkit [White Paper]

This year of unprecedented challenges has brought a series of big company moments to organisations

The role we play as business leaders and the importance this plays in the success of our organisations has long been undeniable. However, the challenges of this past year have taught us that it’s leadership combined with providing invaluable levels of support for our colleagues, employees and customers that truly makes the difference. 

At Sage HR we recognise the vital role our customers play in leading their organisations and participating in their communities. The part that we play in supporting you in these endeavours is one we’re proud to provide. 

The transition that you and many organisations have needed to make towards a more remote working environment is one that has presented both challenge and opportunity. It’s our hope at Sage HR that the workplace toolkit we have created for you, will become one of several go-to resources you are able to utilise time and again. 

This short guide provides advice and tips on how to lead fully remote teams in crisis situations, addressing the challenges that can arise, whilst offering guidance on how to overcome and mitigate them.

I am confident you will find this a useful resource for you and your organisations. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on additional guidance you wish to see. 


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Written By

Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr