Jobvite: Social Recruiting is becoming a Trend

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The internet, especially social networks, has changed the way job seekers look for job opportunities.

At the height of this digital age, many recruiters can’t deny the importance of social recruiting and its impacts on a company’s success.

According to Jobvite’s 2013 Social Recruiting Survey, social recruiting continues to become an increasing trend as the number of recruiters adopting social recruiting tactics to attract and retain talents continue to increase.

The 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Results Are Here!
The 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Results

Social recruiting is no longer limited to IT or Tech companies. It has found its way to the core of various industries as well.

The survey results show that recruiters from various companies are now leveraging on social networks to find and nurture new leads and hires.

It also delves on whether or not companies make use of social media in their recruiting practices.

With more information in the hands, creative talents are always out in the open looking for new opportunities and greener pastures.

To succeed in today’s very competitive world, companies must make use of social media and adopt social recruiting practices in building their talent pool.

Gone are the days when the “one size fits all” approach is the golden bullet to success.

Before handing over the survey results to you, here are some social recruiting tips that I think might help.

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Social Recruiting Tips

1. Create a Genuine Online Presence

Your online presence must reflect who you are. Remember, social recruiting is all about making and developing relationships.

As Bill Boorman said, “It’s all about being human. People connect with people, not brands.

2. Involvement is Key

When you use social media for recruitment, make sure to make the most out of your time. Your success depends greatly on how well you involve your audience.

Building a talent pool in a social media setting needs a lot of time. Share interesting stuff and focus on substance.

3. Personalize your Approach

One of the common challenges of social recruiting is building trust. You can overcome this barrier by personalizing your approach. How?

Consider Chris Havrilla’s words:

I have found if you communicate with people in a meaningful and thoughtful manner, you can never go wrong.”

Connect with people who have genuine interest in your industry — listen to them, learn from them and don’t forget to participate.


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